PS4 The Future of Project Cars 2 on ps4


PS4 GT3 S9 AM Champion
Jan 30, 2018
For a single make default league I highly recommend the BAC mono, it’s in the road B category and it’s awesome to drive

leagues - group A, group C or group GT1. You know you’ll love it. Go on . Be a little cheeky

day Wednesday
Short and medium

Scott Fell

AOR PS4 FR3.5 S2 T2 Champion
Apr 24, 2020
I’m pretty much up for driving any type of car at short/medium length races. I’d even give the longer ones a good go but I couldn’t do it every week. I can race any night Monday-Friday. I think default setups could be good and varying lengths of races. Just an idea, don’t even know if it’s possible but what about a mixed class league? Like race 1 in GT3 race 2 in touring cars etc..... just a thought I had whilst writing this.
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AOR PS4 Clio Cup T2 Champion
May 5, 2016
I'm in a few different shorter-style races seasons and I want something different to balance that such as an Endurance Series. Enjoyed the LMP2 last season and found something for Le Mans in terms of pace and want to go further. Would love a multiclass season but understand that 16 cars isn't enough to make that work.
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