PS3 - TIER 1 - PS3 F1 2013 50% Social Season 11 - Spa - (03/04/2016 8PM UK) |

PS3 TIER 1 - PS3 F1 2013 50% Social Season 11 - Spa - (03/04/2016 8PM UK)


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Sep 29, 2015
Put it this way, anyone who has known me or battled me knows I'm aggressive and you give me a chance to pass 9 out of 10 times I'll take it. Earlier in the race on lap 11 I passed 3 cars on the run up to the same corner, 3 in one move, this was against the Brazilian Caterham, @oo7_pROF3SSIONAL and @Donks and we got through it fine. In the 2 races I've battled with professional, I'm already earning to trust him in terms of racecraft.

In regards to "risking my race to pass at that time". I had planned prior to this to pass him as soon as possible to prevent him coming back at the chicane as it was the last lap. In that instance in those few seconds, I was thinking about which way to go, oh wait now I have to avoid him.

I had a go, in the end the accident itself was my fault, I will take responsibility, The weaving before is what led to it. It's dangerous, just saying it needs to stop.
Ah, I didn't know it was the last lap. Makes more sense. If it was only lap 3 or 10 or whatever, then it's a bad risk. But last lap, I understand why you did that. Cheers man! I'm glad you start to trust me. It's hard being on a pad in the United States but I do my best to respect others. See you on track soon!
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Jan 6, 2015
Hahaha. Yeah i thought i heard something like; no need' but i drive with engine sound and other effects on the foreground so most of the times i can't hear the voices good enough to understand what's bin said. In ARL there were more incl. me with mics
but every time they spoke to me during the race, i said; again M8. Can't hear you.
Or maybe i just can't drive and listen at the same time. ;)
I'll plug it in next race. :)
Btw; did we hit there? Thought it was a clean pass.
It was clean mate. I was putting so took no risks and gave you room. Did you not see my hand waving you to pass