Moved - Tier 1 - Round 2 - Side hit [moved] |

Moved Tier 1 - Round 2 - Side hit [moved]

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May 6, 2018
ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 1 - Round 2 Zandvoort
League Coordinator: @paleez
Date: 18th Feb
Members Involved: MTR Prenta
Description: I get out of shape which gives prenta a run which is fair enough, I open up the steering to give him some room on the inside but just hits me and pushes me wide, then I'm just surrounded by loads of other drivers. Just want clarification if this is acceptable to lean on other drivers like that.
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Dec 31, 2015
I wouldn’t say I’m at fault with this to be fair I reckon when I saw you make that mistake there was room on the inside and I thought I go for the opportunity plus I Think I left you enough space on the outside also it’s a wide corner. If you look closely I am alongside you mid corner and I reckon that you kind of turned in on me at that point causing the collision. Obviously I don’t want to take anything away from the race because I believe we had a great battle and there was some hard but fair racing.
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards concluded that @BIGPRENTA was entitled to racing room during the overtake attempt, and there was enough room left to @M.Lawrence on the left side of the track.
@M.Lawrence chose instead to close his line towards the apex where @BIGPRENTA was, leading to the contact.
No further action applied.
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