Closed Tier 2 - Barcelona / Round 1 - Lap 5 - Spun out after hairpin

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GP2 Test Driver
May 7, 2018
ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 2, Round 1
League Coordinator: @krop
Date: 15/09/20
Members Involved: @Vanders (#58 Aston) and @z2h2turbo (#555 Audi)

Going into the left-right kink, #555 decides to try and go side-by-side through the first part, which is rarely a good idea when you're fully side-by-side, but even less of a good idea given he's a fair bit behind me going into the corner. I know he's there and leave as much space as I can bearing in mind I still have to turn left to make the corner. Normally I'd be clipping the apex here, but I'm no where near it. He hits my rear three-quarter, spinning me out. Result was 10 seconds of damage, dead last behind the leaders and being forced to do 50 minutes on one set of tyres. Video evidence below.

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards concluded that @z2h2turbo was entitled to receive racing room in the corner as he was engaged side by side before the braking zone.
The collisione will be considered a racing incident and no further actions will be taken.

@z2h2turbo @Vanders
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