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PC Tier 2 Race 1 Belgium Lap 2 incident

Steve Jackson

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Jan 14, 2014
Platform + League: Pc Tier 2 F1 Christmas Cup

League Coordinator: @HaiCo

Date: 20/12/18

Members Involved: @Tiliad @Dobby

Description: At the end of lap 2 I was hit from behind before the corner and then as I turned in I was turned around. Not sure who made the contact or if it was intentional as me and @Dobby had a desync on the Formation Lap but I would appreciate another PoV to be sure, cheers.



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Jun 27, 2018
I outbreaked myself there so I tried to avoid both of you. (First league race without line so bit iffy) Will add footage in a second.

Reviewing the footage I think my descync bubble might have hit you, I avoided you on my screen but just when I passed you, your car spun. Sorry that I continued on, I thought you lost the car by your self on traction since these beasts are uncontrollable, so sorry for not slowing down..
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Sep 16, 2017
Was my bad, the old 80's brakes got me. I waited for you though! Im sorry :(

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