Moved - Tier 2 - Round 2 - 3 Incidents [moved] |

Moved Tier 2 - Round 2 - 3 Incidents [moved]

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Sep 5, 2018
Platform + League: PC, ACC Pro
League Coordinator: @krop
Date: 2/18/2020
Members Involved:
@PhoB1a @T.Kexel
The first two incidents should be reviewed with the background of our Catalunya incident where Grobler already mentioned, his dive was "just racing". It seems like he thinks his divebomby behaviour on track is perfectly fair which will be proved later too: You need to make clear that such divebombs are not what is prefered to be observed. Otherwise this behaviour will keep on like that.

Incident 1) Grobler (PhoB1a) dives me from far away into the chicane. He brakes too late, overshoots so much that there is not even a direction change to be recognized from his perspective. Meaning, he was not even willing to leave me any space in the corner and probably wouldn't even make it, even without me. I can only avoid a heavy collision by wide opening the inside. We still touch because I want to make the corner of course and he overshoots. He flashes at me right after the corner. Seems like he wanted to make me resposible for the collision.

Incident 2) (Starts at about second 35 for both Media) A few corners later, Grober lifts the brake, so he touches and spins me. Causing damage and costing time.

Incident 3) Right after being punted twice, I made the mistake to look on the delta instead of the mini map to orientate while rejoining the track. I hit Kexel which is totally my fault. Therefore I want to report myself for that mistake and say sorry to Kexel. There was no intention to punt him.


My Replay:

Replay from Grobler:



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Jun 21, 2018
Okay then. Let's start this. If you think that dive bomb was intentional then you are honestly mistaken. Why do you think I flashed my lights at you after I lifted to let you go through???

Secondly the last incident I did not dive bomb you at all. I have been following you for a good 3-4 laps without incident, the first one I missed my braking point. The 2nd one you decided it's a good idea to brake through the turn. I understand trial braking is used there, and you must've carried too much speed and tried to slow down your car mid corner. I did not expect this hence why we had contact. I tried waiting but you spun around again so I decided to go as it was a bad place to be stationary on track. IMHO it was a racing incident


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Jun 21, 2018
As you can see there, i realized that i missed my braking point and that you did an amazing job to avoid the accident, I also handed back the position and was flashing my lights to apologize.
2nd incident, i matched your speed going into T1, and if you look at my inputs you will also notice that i am still on the brakes when i realized that you are not getting the run through T1 that I expected you to get. Regardless its my fault as I should have avoided the accident, just kind of hard when you are following so closely and that happens. I also did try to wait.
Sorry about the punt @DaveGaming

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Jan 25, 2014
the stewards decided the following:
- no further actions for the first incident (racing incident)
- 5 seconds penalty to @PhoB1a for causing a minor avoidable collision. Milder penalty as he tried to return the position.
- 5 seconds penalty and 5 penalty points on @DaveGaming AOR driver license for unsafe rejoin.
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