Moved - Tier 2 - Round 2 - Lap2&3_Hit 3 times in two laps by @dejw_d (Dawid Dlugokecki) |

Moved Tier 2 - Round 2 - Lap2&3_Hit 3 times in two laps by @dejw_d (Dawid Dlugokecki)

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Feb 12, 2018
ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 2 - Round 2 Zandvoort
League Coordinator: @krop @Shooter80
Date: 18th Feb
Members Involved: Myself and @dejw_d
Description: I get hit from behind 3 times, twice on lap 2 and again on lap 3 by @dejw_d. I managed to catch the first 2 but the 3rd time made me spin. This put me in last place and also my car was not drive-able. I pitted for 48 seconds of repair, on rejoining the race I was already a lap down to all cars up to position 38. This effectively ended my race.

The First contact was a medium strength hit,
The Second was a mild hit,
The Third was a heavy hit.

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AOR PS4 GT3 S10 Tier 3 Champion
Apr 26, 2018
I did misjudge his braking as it was quite different from mine in that corner. Unfortunately it did lead to him to spin. I did wait after the incident but couldn't do anything to avoid the contact at that point.

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards concluded that @dejw_d caused multiple avoidable incidents spanning from minor to moderate and dangerous driving.
@dejw_d will receive a cumulative 15 seconds penalty on his race results and 15 penalty points on his AOR driver license.

@dejw_d @Cheekymunkey78
@krop @Shooter80
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