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PC Tier 2, Round 6: Illegal overtake in qualy car #209 #223

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Dec 30, 2019
ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 2, Round 6
League Coordinator: @VoodooChild
Date: 25.09.2020
Members Involved: D. Fernandez
Description: I was on my second flying lap (car #209), car #223 caught up with me at the end of our first flying lap. At the this second flying lap with two corners to go and D. Fernandez decided to overtake me in the last chicane, i had to slowdown and that ruined my lap. I was 1.2 second up on my first lap and close to my personal best on a track i struggle a lot, my previsional was on 2'12"8 that would have been good for P6.

D. Fernandez had the championship won already, he was 1.5s faster than anyone in qualy. He decided to stay an entire lap behind me when he could never do a fast lap this way instead of going to the garage. At the end of that lap he overtakes me ruining my lap then proceeds to go to the garage which means the illegal overtake during qualy was really pointless it just served at ruining my lap and my exit speed for the following lap as well.

I qualified P11 iirc, I couldn't better my first lap and i think i was too pissed to have suffered such a unsportsmanship behavior (other words come to mind). You do your max and someone takes it away from you just because he can, who does that? Mistakes happen but doing that on purpose i don't understand that's exactly the same thing as taking me out. The intentions and the results were exactly the same.



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Apr 18, 2020
Hi @VoodooChild,

In the first sector I was improving my time so I tried to keep going, I wanted to do another lap so I tried to pass him.
I realised while making the overtake that I was around 0.2-0.4L underfueled so I entered the pits and exited using the menu.

I will accept my penalty if I get any.
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