Moved - Tier 4 - Round 2 - Lap 24 - Punterino! [moved] |

Moved Tier 4 - Round 2 - Lap 24 - Punterino! [moved]

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Jan 2, 2018
Yeah my fault. Had issues with tyres post pit. For some reasons the pressures were slot lower than before. Assume I did something wrong in the pits. Bit meant that my car just didn't slow down as it had been before. You can see in the replay that where I pressed the brakes should have been soon enough but it just wouldn't slow down. Should have turned left to avoid contact and run wide didn't react quick enough can only apologise and take the punishment. Pulled to the side of the track and waited for @Legendacb to re pass.

Again like I said after the race sorry mate. 100% my fault.
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Jul 9, 2016
Moved to the stewards
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