Moved - Tier 4 - Round 2 - Lap 33. Accident [moved] |

Moved Tier 4 - Round 2 - Lap 33. Accident [moved]

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Jan 2, 2018
Again 100% my fault. By this point my low pressure tyres said they had a puncture. Being very new to the game and not knowing how punctures effect the car and with so few laps left thought I could manage it. Just try to hold position. I was wrong to risk it as again car just wouldn't slow down. Thought I had left plenty of room when braking. Again initial reaction was to try and make the corner. Which was the wrong one. After a split second went to go to the left instead of the apex as didn't want to have contact again but realised I had left it to late to alter my line and contact was imminent. Again waited but this time I dropped right back to avoid any further contact. Again apologies mate.
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Jul 9, 2016
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