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Tier 4 - Round 4 - Lap 9 Unsafe Rejoin

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Feb 3, 2020
ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 4 - Round 4 Monza
League Coordinator: @GIXXERosg
Date: 03/03/2020
Members Involved: @Rikka (Bentley), @Daniel Monteiro (Lamborghini)
Description: After contact with another driver @Daniel Monteiro spun twice and rejoined the track right in front of me which caused me to hit him. It resulted in a severe damaged front, loss of positions and 20 seconds repair. He did however, wait for me and give me his position.
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Daniel Monteiro

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Jan 23, 2020
Totally on me this one.

After the contact with Walter Rotundo I spun when I tried to rejoin. I could no longer see to my right who was coming when I attempted to rejoin a second time; I thought I was clear until the next car but I clearly wasn't.

In hindsight I see that it would have been better to reverse and rejoin from the outside of the parabolica corner.

Again, I'm very sorry @Rikka for having ruined your result. I fully deserve the penalty.
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