Moved - Tier 5 Round 7 :FInger and EdwardC come together |

Moved Tier 5 Round 7 :FInger and EdwardC come together

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Oct 10, 2019
ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 5 Round 7
League Coordinator: @VoodooChild @morphee7
Date:Mar 24th
Members Involved: @Hockeyfighter99 @EdwardC
So after trying to pass FInger for a few laps, I was in 6th, he was in 24th. After he ignored 27 blue flags I thought he was finally letting me by. I thought he had lifted as per the rules, but he did not. By his own admission he said he did not speed up, which I take as he also did not lift. The Stewards may decide that I am 100% at fault and that is fine, but FInger did not even attempt to follow the rules. I should not have assumed he would follow the rules and lift after watching him blow through 27 blue flags.
This was late as I had to wait for the other videos to upload, youtube was exceptionally slow.

Rule 2.1.1
● We are running with the in-game rules & flags system, which means that game should alert you with a blue flag when you are about to be lapped. When receiving a blue flag or know that a car is going to lap you and is approaching from behind, you should let them past safely and without interfering with their race.
In single class races, this is done best by the car that is being shown a blue flag moving off the racing line and easing on the accelerator on a straight, or lifting / braking early, and/or giving up the corner and racing line to let the lapping car pass.



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Jan 27, 2018
sorry @Hockeyfighter99 it was me who asked him to seperate this and it too lseveral hours for it to upload so this is why it is later than advertised
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