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Closed Tier 6 - Race 1 - lap 32

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Date: 12.01.2021
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I want to write about a bug in the game that spoiled the result of my race and find out what can be done about it.
On lap 31, the Ferrari roundabout decided to let me pass in the middle of the ASkari, slowing down in the middle of the turn. I barely dodged him, you can see it on the replay. Then, having reached the start-finish line, I decided to keep repeating this moment.
I pressed the save button and nothing happened. I was moving in a straight line and suddenly the game crashed. At this point, I moved to the left to take a position for the turn. The car just drove on by itself. She did not respond to controls, the steering wheel and pedals did not control the car. It was a straight line and I flew past the first chicane.
By the middle of the cut, the control began to live and I slowed down, almost hitting the wall. On braking, I went back to the track.
I was immediately issued a SG30 fine, which meant stopping in the pitlane for 30 seconds. It was already the 32nd lap, the penultimate in the race. I did not stop and reached the finish line.
At the finish line, 115 seconds were automatically added to my result.
I won the qualification. He led the race for several laps, but then lost first place to @CHRSMELLYANAN. Throughout the race, I rode in second position. @CHRSMELLYANAN and @BMTM_Shifter who were in front and behind me were by my side throughout the race.
This 115 seconds penalty is due to
for a bug with a repetition pushed me to the place number 9. I think this is not entirely honest and I want to know if the result can be changed in connection with these events. I would like to get my fair place in the race.

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From the replay we can not see what happened, was it a driver error or a game error and therefore we take no further action. We also can't do anything about the current state of the game and we all need to live with it, unfortunately. Any bugs in the game we can not do anything about it.

There is a known bug with the replays that if you have to many replays that it will drop you to the PlayStation home screen.
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