Closed Tier 6 Race 6 SIlverstone Djokic vs Nemsovsky

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Apr 1, 2020
From my point of view i was on the inside and tried to go through the apex. Mclaren didnt take the kerb that well and moved to the left a bit more. I dont think i had much to do in that very moment, cuz i was there in the corner and with half meter more nothing would happen. On my interior view it can be seen that i didnt change my steering angle for the corner, and as well at the braking i was alongside.
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have reviewed the evidence and concluded this is considered to be a racing incident. @djole74 could have left more space and @PatrikSK could have chosen a different corner than the most dangerous combination of turns for an overtake. No further action will be taken.

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