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Closed Tier 7 - Round 3 - Lap 1 - Turn1

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ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 7 Round 3
League Coordinator: @NynS @aerosmudge
Date: 26-01-2021
Members Involved: @shhLag
Description: Adam came too hot into the pack of cars before turn 1. With his late braking, he managed to hit the back of my car and it was pure luck that I had enough space to move forward and avoid additional incidents. This could be avoided if Adam would be more cautious into turn 1.



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Hello, Yeah my brakes wasnt as good as i though they was maybe i should of gone a lil slower but was trying to keep up with everying. although lack of vision my bad.

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The stewards concluded that @shhLag caused a minor collision on lap 1.
He will receive a 5 points reduction on his race results and 5 penalty points on his AOR driver license.

@shhLag @uros76
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