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Closed Tier 7 - Round 6 - Lap 1 - hit from back

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ACC Tier + Round Number: tier 7 round 6
League Coordinator: @NynS
Date: 23.02.21.
Members Involved: @Dime, @uros76
Description: I came gently into T1 because I saw the chaos from distance. In the progress of avoiding cars around, I had to brake on the turn1 exit not to hit car 64, which already had an incident with other cars. All the sudden car 922 kicks my rear, pushes me to the right hitting car 679 and that just threw me into the left side not being able to save the situation. At that left side, car 66 slams into me. It was a bad chain of events that probably started with a prior incident.
However, from my view the car 922 should take that turn slower, especially seeing incidents ahead. After this hit, I had 20s damage.



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ACC Coordinator
I'm going to extend this one, since it's part of a larger turn one accident as you mention.

Incident before looks like #21 misjudges how #333 takes the corner and makes contact and spins him, but can't move to the right because #64 is on his right who in the process gets hit as well, but doesn't hold his brakes when the car spins. #64 Hits #78 on the inside who makes contact with #20, but to also include their (78/20) viewpoints is not relevant to the incident itself anymore.

@Conall @Kjofex @Wilfried Bijl - Please share your point of view on the incident if you want to voice your opinion.
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Wilfried Bijl

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Just a racing incident, consequence of 30 cars through a tight hairpin all together. I was as cautious as possible, tried to manouvre past the spinning car and got hit by 3 cars at the same time. I spun and had no idea where the car was going and therefore got hit by another car. Nothing I could do.


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yeah i didnt think you had to brake even earlier and i was distracted from the car on the left because i was afraid he would hit me.


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I agree with being maybe a little bit too agressive, especially given it was start of 1 hour long race. Analyzing the onboard I think I was going reasonably slow through the corner - around 70 kph. I think I didn't expected @uros76 to slow that much, in my perspective track in front of us seems clear enough to go without slowing that much more. I wasn't accelarate rapidly, maybe was a little too sluggish with going on the brake once Ferrari in front slammed on the brake but it was accelarating zone already on that point in the corner. At this part of corner I was paying more attention to the left and right more than to the front - fact. I think it was bad luck in this situation that such low speed tap on the rear caused that many damage.
However the one in the back is responsible to accomodate speed to the cars in front, I guess my fault in the end.
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