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Closed Tier 7 - Round 6 - Lap 1 - hit from back

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ACC Tier + Round Number: tier 7 round 6
League Coordinator: @NynS
Date: 23.02.21.
Members Involved: @Rado, @uros76
Description: Car 98 was pushing hard on initial lap despite lots of traffic around. He nearly hit me at turn 8 going very deep with late braking with a divebomb. Unfortunately, he did not take caution on the next turn where other car - 46 had a slip. Instead of taking it gently there, he kept full throttle way too long. He could brake earlier and avoid hitting the rear of my car. That hit gave me additional 10s damage.



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I went off the throttle to the brakes as soon i saw that car was spinned. I would say this was some rustyness from 2 week brake after Bathurst and i could have been more careful on that corner. I saw spinned car too late as it was behind other car out of my vision.
Im sorry that i hit you

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The stewards have reviewed the evidence and concluded that this was a racing incident and therefore No Further Action will be taken.

@Rado @uros76 @NynS @aerosmudge
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