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Closed Tier 7 - Round 6 - Lap 7 - double attack

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ACC Tier + Round Number: tier 7 round 6
League Coordinator: @NynS
Date: 23.02.21.
Members Involved: @DocTonza, @Flyer634, @uros76
Description: Car 99 and 46 were chasing me for a position. At turn 7 both attacked me, one from inside one from outside. Car 99 divebombed me on the inside and car 46 punted the back of my car middle of a corner. That caused me to spin and lose all previously gained positions. By that point, I had to pit to repair damages which was too early into the race. Any dream for a good race was pretty much over for me.

Yes I know it's racing and some guys are faster. Good for you. But are these aggressive passing maneuvers needed? I would let you both pass when it's safer anyway...

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I backed off the attack because I saw that I will not manage to do it before corner. Then car #99 divebombed and I didn't even see him coming until he flies beside us. We were already on exit part on the corner and I was ready to apply throttle, while car #76 didn't regarding that dive bomb.



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I don't have much to say, it was a messy previous corner which isn't shown, but anyways: we were a 3 car group close chasing, turn 6 car 76 messed up a bit and that allowed car 46 and myself to cach up. Due to slipstream (still my fault) I end up on the inside for turn 7 and completely lost my braking reference, so decided to brake late and go wide on the grass and try to rejoin safely. Not much more to comment from my POV.

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The stewards concluded that @DocTonza caused a moderate avoidable collision.
He will receive a 10 points reduction on his race results and 10 penalty points on his AOR driver license.

The stewards also issue a warning to @Flyer634 for dangerous driving.

@DocTonza @uros76 @Flyer634
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