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Closed Tier 9 round 1 lap 1 - driving on the inside and hitting another car

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Formula 4 Test Driver
ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 9 R1
League Coordinator: @morphee7
Date: 13.01.2021
Members Involved
: @Psirus #81 @tomi0810 #18
Description: I (#81) started breaking early towards the second chicane to avoid hitting cars in front, and just being cautious. Car #18 gets alongside me on the breaking but pulls back before the turn. I started turning very slowly got clipped and spun. As a result, I dropped to the last position and my race was pretty much over.



Semi-Pro Karter
Hey man! I don't really think it was my fault because I had nowhere to go on the left , I turned as early as I possibly could without going over the sausage curb because if I would go over it probably it would lead to an incident so In my opinion you had more space on the right and it could be avoidable from your side.
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