PS3 - Tier1 (GP2) - PS3 F1 2013 50% Social Season 11 Melbourne - (10/04/2016 9.30PM UK) |

PS3 Tier1 (GP2) - PS3 F1 2013 50% Social Season 11 Melbourne - (10/04/2016 9.30PM UK)

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F1 Test Driver
Mar 21, 2016
PSN: LuckyDog2000
Car: Williams
I have not played this game in ages and I don't know who is in what car :p. My friend list is full so if you want to invite me, still try to friend me


Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Feb 1, 2016
pam param...congrats to luckyDog :) about race...pretyy interesting first lap without front wing,i didnt see what happened after first chicane,when i was in wall :)but in the end third place...actually after every race i have a lot of emotions,and words to say,but this time..race was like driving tt 29 laps,only traction was worse:) i think something was missing in this race..i wonder what..maybe im wrong,but anyway thanks to everyone for this race.:)
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