Closed - Tier3 - Round 5 - Lap 4, End of Kemmel crash and collect. |

Closed Tier3 - Round 5 - Lap 4, End of Kemmel crash and collect.

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Feb 12, 2018
ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 3, Round 5 (Spa)
League Coordinator: @LiboCZ @Xeonski
Date: 07/07/2020
Members Involved: 78 Steven Hall (@Cheekymunkey78 ), 919 Dave Gibson (@eL_Gibo), 88 Anatole Boure (@chikkybamby)
After exiting Radillon on to the Kemmel straight there were 4 cars all going at slightly different speeds with potential overtakes by all and two wide.
I (cheekymunkey78) decided to tuck in behind the train as I thought an overtake would be too risky and lifted off.
Dave Gibson attempted a double overtake. He entered the corner, understeered across the track and hit Anatole Boure sending them both off the track.
There was a second contact between them which sent Dave Gibson back on to the track backwards who then hit my side causing me to spin.

I took 3 seconds of repair damage and also about 0.8 seconds of lost time and I had handling issues before I pitted.

I also lost 8 places.



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May 11, 2020
Well, I saw him on the radar so I let @eL_Gibo the space to take the inside but he missed the brake ... It happens, I don't blame him ...
After the contact he was spinning in the right so I went straigh but he finally go left and was just in front of me. I brake but couldn't avoid him obviously.

3 Bentleys in a crash ... what a shame :D !

I was probably the more touched because I had already 15s damages from a first crash with an Aston after T1 and 34s after this one with several damages on the front so basically I had to pit. I didn't want to report it though because a mistake has been made in a pretty hot moment with many cars around so I would just say "**** happens" :D.

I just don't want to have a penalty for the second contact with @eL_Gibo :LOL:

Sorry for you @Cheekymunkey78 , it was really cool to fight with so many cars in these first laps


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May 4, 2020
Ughhhh. What a mess I caused for the Bentley boys :( Sorry I didn't get in contact with either of you, my replay didn't save the first 7 laps, so I wasn't sure who I affected here.

I wasn't that quick at the beginning of the race, so I was getting frustrated whenever I came up behind a gaggle of recovering cars and losing what momentum I did manage to get. The previous two times this happened in the same spot I ended up losing positions - so this time when I had the momentum I wanted to try and keep it going.

As you can see, not the wisest decision I've made. I couldn't see my braking point in VR because it was 3 wide, tried to turn in early to scrub off some speed, but ended up pushing the 88 wide who gave me room. When I start spinning in VR, sometimes it takes me a second or two to slam the brakes on, so you can see me rolling back on to the track and clipping the 78 :(

Hands up - completely my fault. Many apologies to you both - really not the result I wanted for anyone, especially the Bentleys.

Ended up having a snap oversteer into the wall a lap later due the initial damage which gave me a 1:10min worth of damage. Later on went light at Radillion and had the worse crash I've ever there, it actually made my stomach lurch in VR. another 2:00min worth of damage and a steering wheel in limp mode.

A lack of practice for that race really showing for me, so I'll endeavor to put some more time into prep for the next one.


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May 11, 2020
I made you spin on Brands Hatch... I guess we're even now :LOL:.

Please stewards, don't take my damages in consideration for the "punishment" if possible, just @Cheekymunkey78's.


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