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XB1 Time Penalty Removal

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TRL Martin

S10 AOR X360 F1 Champion
Jan 13, 2014
The game awarded me with a 5 second stop go penalty for exceeding track limits, I feel personally it was too extreme of a penalty and I'm requesting it to get removed. It was at the bus stop chicane where I went all four wheels over the right hand line, I feel 5 second penalty for that incident is way too harsh as I went from P2-P4 costing me a lot of points. I feel I didn't gain a significant time advantage as you can see from my sector 3 time on that lap. Also I didn't receive any other warnings throughout the race, if I had warnings then of course the penalty would be usually stood as 3 warnings results in a penalty, that was the only time I exceeded the track limits in the race. I personally feel that it should have been just a warning, just like it is at T9, T12 and T16 where you arguable gain more time. The game I believe gives you a 5 second penalty in that specific corner to deter extreme driving like driving over the chicane to get a better run into T1 (like TT) which I didn't do, it was just marginal.



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Sep 18, 2016
moved to the stewards
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