Try A Different Race Host Next Week? |

Try A Different Race Host Next Week?

Apr 14, 2014
Can we possibly try someone else as race host next week? I practiced with greg before the race, and also on saturday I do a small little demo derby league, I don't disconnect from those...o_O

So if possible can someone else host for next week just to see If that helps, because Greg dsc during qualy and I dsc during the race, we've both dsc alot already this season. And I think a few others have too.

I know @BlueAsedGibbon was the F6 backup last season, and I don't recall disconnecting when he was host.

I don't think I'm the only person with problems regarding connection, however I think its worst for me?:cry:

If I disconnect next week I'm just going to have to assume that no matter what I do I'll always have a sh*t connection so I guess I'll have to drop out until I get a better connection (Possible quite soon) :)

Yeah thats all I guess :p
@Vengeance NOR


Formula 4 1st Driver
Aug 4, 2014
Im more then happy to give up host if its the problem, I was actually going to suggest this anyway

Vengeance NOR

Formula 3 1st Driver
Jan 20, 2014
We could do that, if you're keen on being host next week @BlueAsedGibbon ? I don't think I should be host for sure, my connection itself is good, but it's in fucking Norway, so it's going to be more lag since 90% are in UK, lol. Fisi and I picked Bonta based on everyones connection test, and he came out on top. But we can indeed try a new host next weekend to see if you and the others who've DSCd actually won't DSC this time :p
Apr 14, 2014
Results of testing a new race host may not be 100% accurate tomorrow as (at least for me) my connection has been playing up the last few days due to heavy winds and some snow. But hopefully it'll be ok
Jan 13, 2014
Yeah sry ppl, its been a real shitty week and I have just been keeping myself to myself. Struggling to keep up this outward facade of not being miserable ya know. Anyway, I've got no qualms bout hosting. Who knows, I might actually be able to do this right. It'd be a turn up for the plus 4's if I can lol (but really :( )