Try A Different Race Host Next Week? |

Try A Different Race Host Next Week?

Blue Smurf FTW

Semi-Pro Karter
Apr 14, 2014
Can we possibly try someone else as race host next week? I practiced with greg before the race, and also on saturday I do a small little demo derby league, I don't disconnect from those...o_O

So if possible can someone else host for next week just to see If that helps, because Greg dsc during qualy and I dsc during the race, we've both dsc alot already this season. And I think a few others have too.

I know @BlueAsedGibbon was the F6 backup last season, and I don't recall disconnecting when he was host.

I don't think I'm the only person with problems regarding connection, however I think its worst for me?:cry:

If I disconnect next week I'm just going to have to assume that no matter what I do I'll always have a sh*t connection so I guess I'll have to drop out until I get a better connection (Possible quite soon) :)

Yeah thats all I guess :p
@Vengeance NOR


Semi-Pro Karter
Aug 4, 2014
Im more then happy to give up host if its the problem, I was actually going to suggest this anyway

Vengeance NOR

Formula 4 Test Driver
Jan 20, 2014
We could do that, if you're keen on being host next week @BlueAsedGibbon ? I don't think I should be host for sure, my connection itself is good, but it's in fucking Norway, so it's going to be more lag since 90% are in UK, lol. Fisi and I picked Bonta based on everyones connection test, and he came out on top. But we can indeed try a new host next weekend to see if you and the others who've DSCd actually won't DSC this time :p

Blue Smurf FTW

Semi-Pro Karter
Apr 14, 2014
Results of testing a new race host may not be 100% accurate tomorrow as (at least for me) my connection has been playing up the last few days due to heavy winds and some snow. But hopefully it'll be ok


Formula 4 1st Driver
Jan 13, 2014
Yeah sry ppl, its been a real shitty week and I have just been keeping myself to myself. Struggling to keep up this outward facade of not being miserable ya know. Anyway, I've got no qualms bout hosting. Who knows, I might actually be able to do this right. It'd be a turn up for the plus 4's if I can lol (but really :( )