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PC Unsportsmanlike behavior by Team Shazoo

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May 3, 2018
Platform + League: PC
League Coordinator: @BosslyGaming @DemoN
Date: 18/05/2019
Members Involved: @Leman + Half of the Lobby

Dear Stewards,

We've just finished probably the dirtiest race ever in this season.

1/3 of the grid got serious damage due to Team Shazoo's racing standards. Basing on all the evidence we maneged to get and the amount of incidents, it's easy to say it was intentional.

From our side we report the first lap and incident described by Koldo. In turn 3 SHZ Vitto decided to push James Pinsker off, causing wing damage to Leman.

Amount of victims of Team Shazoo:
  • James Pinsker and Leman
  • Mr. Ankka
  • Joni Tormala and Timp
And you're telling us this team is supposed to get 4 points out of this race for demolishing 5 out of 13 rivals from the grid?

Is that how we end the fight for London finals?

Just to be clear, we have nothing against ChroMatk. But the goal of Vitto was to improve SHZ's situation, that's why we think the whole team is responsible for such behavior.

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Mar 29, 2018
The incident involving me and ankka was my mostly my fault of course, but you cannot say it was intentional...i almost got spun out by the force india that tried to go down the inside where there was no room and i specifically left space on the outside for him to pass since i was going to pit. Now onto vitto's lap 1 incident, why would he want to intentionally break your wing ? he had no idea i had damage and that my race was over because i had to pit lap 1 so that doesnt make sense. The incident with joni and timp, in timp's POV it seems like vitto had an instantaneous steer to the left, suggesting that his rear left wheel was clipped by joni's nose (we all know this game and desync, people accuse you of an incident when in your screen you weren't even that close). Even if he were to do it intentionally, why joni and timp? they were miles ahead in championship and if he wanted to help shazoo he would have taken presnajder out....these accusations of intentionallly taking out drivers is ridiculous.

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have deemed this to be a moderate avoidable collision. Due to other enquiries this penalty will not need to be applied, however.

@ChroMatk @Leman @ERL_Esports
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