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Nov 16, 2015
1st lap please look into Oasis start and Matt212gaming on the exit of turn 3. causing an accident then gaining the position without yelding.
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Nov 16, 2015
That's cool mate, but what the teletry doesn't show was the fact that in no way was that intentional, I got a great start and tried to get through on the right, it was just wrong place at the wrong time, I don't need lessons on how to be clean as the little battling I had after that, with Jordan might I add, was perfectly clean. Anyway, that's my final post on the matter, I'm not arguing over it, we finished 19th and 21st ffs.
[DOUBLEPOST=1452240515][/DOUBLEPOST]figured i would put this here as Shuffle did ask for it to be talked about here


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Jan 14, 2014
Firstly, sorry about the post you quoted above being put in the Watkins Glen thread, didn't realize this had been made when I got up before work this morning so please ignore the "Last thing I have to say on the matter" part. I will go into further detail. So my incident...

Got a really good start, was trying to plan a route through the slower moving cars and the stallers, Jordan positioned his car just right of center, I couldn't decide quick enough which way to attempt to pass him and before I knew it I had shunted him. I would also like to add that the speed I remember hitting him at didn't warrant the way Jordan's car went wildly out of control, I'm not blaming lag, I hit him regardless which is wrong but his car went fucking flying on my screen which was very surprising given I didn't think the contact was too big. I know Jordan very well outside of this league so would never intentionally hit him.

@x Shuffle I would just like to say a couple of things to you personally before you decide what penalty i'll be receiving

1) I completed the full Porsche season on the AOR, getting podiums along the way and having no incidents at all apart from the demolition del Long beach at the end of the season, proving that this was merely a blip on my part and won't happen again

2) It's quite hard to penalize someone who is as slow as me at the moment because I can't really be given a time penalty for the race because I finished last, or a Q ban for next week as i'll probably qualify last and, imo, it doesn't really warrant a race ban or blacklisting. I know i'm only a reserve but it's more than likely i'll be racing every week, so if I do have some sort of Q ban it is probably an idea to give it to me in 5 races time or so when my lap times are around 1.5 - 2 seconds a lap faster.

I guess all I can say now is sorry.


x Shuffle

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Feb 21, 2014
I've seen both incidents, and the start line one to me just looks silly, braking would have been the sensible thing to do. It's a long race, there's no need to do risky moves at turn 1. That being said, it's the first round of the season, and I don't think it warrants a penalty. A warning will suffice. @DeathDealerS199 @II OASIS I

As for the second incident, I don't think @matt212 did anything wrong really, you got a bit out of shape and went left into him. He couldn't really avoid that. No further action.


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Nov 16, 2015
It’s all good oasis I only asked them to look at the start. I don’t want anyone to get a penalty it would suck to be honest and I just wanted a little clarity on how aggressive you can take the starts. The rules are grey when it comes to this and I wanted to know how serious the starts were going to be looked at. That is now clear. I know you didn’t hit Jordan on purpose and I never said that behind your driving there was any malice. You are new to the league this year and like emadhouse I assumed you were “inexperienced” and only offered you a little bit of advice. I had watched Super GT’s video on how to survive lap one and thought I would pass along the advice of sometimes slower is better at the start. To be honest I considered it a little bit of banter before you replied and obviously took it a little too seriously. There is no need to say sorry as Xshuffle has decided there was nothing wrong with it. Wrong place wrong time lol. I don’t want there to be hard feelings and I of course won’t be holding a grudge or treat you any differently to anyone else on the track. This is why I joined this league to race with people who wouldn’t be childish about incidents. I look forward to next race and hope it will be better. I know I’m not a fast driver and know I will be at the back of the grid, I love Watkins glen and hoped to get into the top 14 for at least 1 point this season so I should imagine a lot of my comments were down to frustration at being involved in an accident before turn one. As far as I am concerned this has cemented in my mind how aggressive I can be during a race and how much respect I have to show to other drivers, either at the start or during the race so thank you Xshuffle for the clarity.

As for the move coming out of turn 3 I still disagree but I’ll take it on the chin. It’s obvious this season is not gonna be a good one for me despite trying to improve myself.

EVR Matt212

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May 5, 2015
I have my race footage as always and have a whole race review from my pov coming shortly, although it was from the back of the grid, id also like to apologise for my disconnection near the end, some external lights short circuited everything in my house, cutting out all power :/