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PC VLN Series Race 9 - 1963 Lotus Type 25 Climax (social race, no previous sign-ups required) (22nd of November)

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Which days can you race? (you are ansers will be considered as 'sign-up')

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May 26, 2016
Hello everyone!

Our ninth race of the season in the VLN Series 2019 will be in the 1963 Lotus Type 25 Climax.
Setups will be OPEN.
Race day will be POLL voted between 2 days, which is public and therefor considered to be sign-up as well. (Options: 19th and 22nd of November)
Sunday 11th of November the decision is made which day we race, race will be held on the day which is voted most. If the vote is equal, we will race on Friday the 22nd.

There will be NO qualifying. A reverse grid will be setup according to driver points and thereafter random grid placement by who first enters the lobby. (explanation will follow in 2nd thread)

Event Information:
● Track:
Nürburgring Combined
Date: 22 November
Lobby opens: 19:45 (UK time)
● Qualifying: NONE
● Race starts:
20:00 (UK time)
● Event car: Lotus 25
● Event format:
  • Qualifying: NONE (I will post the relative starting order as per sign ups on the evening before race night (reversed grid by points and newcomers will start according grid position after all point drivers have formed up.
  • Race length: Drivers x 10 minutes (minimum 60, maximum 120)
In-game time-of-day information (time progression): TBA
  • In game date: actual race date
  • in game start time (qualifying): N/A
  • in game start time (race): Daylight racing as these cars don't have lights (progression TBAl)
Lobby settings:
  • Weather: Fair
  • Assists: Realistic driving aids (which means NOTHING for this race)
  • Damage: OFF
  • Mechanical failures: OFF
  • Tyre wear: Authentic (x1)
  • Fuel: Authentic (x1)
Rules and regulations:
  • Track limit and drive-through penatlies: OFF
  • Pit exit penalty: ON
  • Competitive Racing License: OFF
- Start: manual rolling start, no formation lap (See information below!)
- Pitstop: Manual

Manual rolling start:
Due to the length of the track will not have a formation lap.
Drivers (with points) will form up according the reversed grid procedure as published on the day before race day.
All new drivers will hold there grid spot, untill the last driver with points has formed up and follow after as per remaining grid position.
Make sure to familiarize yourself with the rolling start procedure:
(read here or watch the video)

Our workaround is that we get into formation after the Schumacher-S and start the race after the Warsteiner Curve. The acceleration is earliest at the 'line' but NOT BEFORE the last driver of the pack has reported READY.

Formation zone (end of curbs on the left)
Acceleration line (at the line): (wait for the last car to call READY)

Anybody that not have participated in one of the VLN races, look for all pictures, videos and spoilers at one of our previous race thread:

SPECIAL information
Following multiple tests and positive feedback we will keep the second single file formation for the rest of the season untill further notice.
In order give all drivers that occur damage in the first lap a bit of a break, there will be a single file formation at the end of the first racing lap!
For races that are done with damage OFF, the second line-up will help those people that had incidents in the first lap, due to their starting position (reversed grid).
2nd Formation zone will start at around the top of the hill on the Dottinger Höhe (Antoniusbuche) and Acceleration Zone will be out of Turn 1 (Haug-Haken) on the GP Circuit.
During the single file formation, the nr1 car will slowly (no braking just off-throttle) slow down to a certain speed. Pit limiter recommended when using 60kph as a limit!
All cars behind are NOT allowed to overtake when crossing the top of the hill.
They are however allowed to slow down less and join the single file in front of them, even if there is a big gap!
The cars that have damage, may enter the pit WHEN approaching the pit entry. This means NO OVERTAKING during single file!

Small video of single file formation point and acceleration point. Speed will be defined per race (this example it is 60 kph). Important parts at 55s and 2m35s
Single file formation zone (underneath Bilstein board at Antoniusbuche)
Single file acceleration point (out of Haug-Haken)


To sign up, reply to this thread with your Forum name and your [Steam ID]!
Drivers that have collected points and sign up latest on the 5st of September, will be guaranteed a spot.

Drivers (1/30)
  1. @Col.McCoy
  2. @kraumn
  3. @Beau
  4. @wolfgang
  5. @WMDRMartin
  6. @TicklishPicklewickle
  7. @Enton
  8. @tRIP..
  9. @THR Wolf
  10. @Kleinstein
  11. @D.Brezancic (maybe)
  12. @Nila
  13. @Tony Clifton
  14. @atlasgehirn424
  15. @Allaeddine KESRI
  16. @mpc-v1
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May 26, 2016
Point system explained in spoiler below (current drivers standing included)

In order to reward drivers that return to this serie, a point system has been introduced with the first Social race.
This system does not reflect any rankings!
It only awards those drivers that show up for a race, finish them and/or take podium places.
During the 2019 serie, the system will develop and future class selection 'may' depend on the amount of points you have gathered.

For this race, following points can be earned:
Attendance: 1 point
Finishing: 2 additional points
Finishing 3rd: 4 add. points
Finishing 2nd: 6 add. points
Finishing 1st: 8 add. points

Following information is only relevant if we have a full lobby:
In order to keep the system fair and avoid abbusement of points by drivers that already gathered them, there will be a penalty for people who sign-up and not show up (or cancel there sign up less than 12 hours in advance). This penalty ONLY occurs, when there are 30 or MORE drivers signed up ofcourse!
The penalty for not showing up will be: MINUS 2 points, where you can never go below -2!



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May 26, 2016
@Andrei Voicu
@Ardjoune Srikanth
@Azar Alamouri
@BMW /// M-Power
@Captain Slow
@eaZed neptune
@EVR Matt212
@F1 racer
@F4H MaR4uDer
@Felix Thorvil
@Flaming Parrot
@Flecky und Sky
@GTS - FusionFR
@GTS - Vv
@Gurken Koenig
@Henry Gordan
@J Peaches
@Jordy van Oosten
@marley 57
@Mr. Van Ommen
@Raging Beard
@Rali 16
@RWB Rodders
@Salvo Failla
@Tex Wheeler
@The Hunter
@Tragic Bronson
@VSR Davidben



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May 26, 2016
@WMDRMartin fair weather means either clear, light cloud, maybe hazy when its early morning or late afternoon ;-). No precipitation in any case!

Currently you guys can plan with 5x factor and race not start later than 10 am. I still need some time to look at the times and lighting conditions to give you guys a definitive answer, but Im away for the next few days
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May 26, 2016
I will give you guys the details about time progression and start time next week as I just got home and will be away again the next few days.

As I said, weather is fair, 5x progression and start time will be so that the race ends still within daylight.
Currently with more than 12 signups, this means 2 hour (x5 is 10 hour race), so if it is dark at around 1800, race willl start about 8 in the morning