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PC Wacky Races 25/10 for charity


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May 10, 2016
Hi all.

Following on from the fun that was had a few weeks back with this event, I am going to host another this coming Friday 9pm UK time, with it being part of @Jess 24hr charity gaming stream. Here is the format:

Event Information:
Date: Friday 25th October
● Event starts:
9:00pm (UK time)
● Event format: 5 Laps, no qualifying

Server information:
Server Name: AOR Wacky Races
Password: wacky

If you struggle with finding the server on the list, set your filters to: "Dedicated Server", and "Hide empty". If it still doesn't show up, restart your game.

● In-game time-of-day information (x1 time progression):
- In game date: Dependant on weather
- Race start time: Dependant on weather
- Race weather: Random

Lobby settings:
- Assists: All are allowed, remember to set your game to allow them if you wish to use them (some cars are VERY hard without TC for instance)
- Setup: Default
- Collisions: On
- Damage: Off
- Mechanical damage: Off
- Tyre wear: Off
- Fuel: Off
- Start: Standing (Grid order is decided by the order you join the server, nothing I can do about it)
- Pitstop: Off
- Manual cooldown lap: Yes

Race 1
We gather on discord (even if you can't talk, please gather on discord). The 4 categories to be used in the race will then be rolled. Once these have been decided, the server will then be created and everyone joins. Once everyone is in, we then go through car allocation. The spreadsheet I use for this will allocate everyone to 1 of the 4 categories, and I will read out who has been assigned to which category in turn. You will have the option to either keep the category, or Gamble. Should you wish to gamble, you will be allocated another category (note, you could still end up with the first one that was given to you) but you must run with the gamble option if you choose to gamble, you cannot revert back to the first option. You are free to choose any car within the category you are assigned to.

Once everyone, including myself, has been allocated a category, the track and weather conditions will then be rolled. Then the race will get underway. Once the race is finished, we all leave the session so that I can rehost with a new set of 4 categories to use. As I am the server host, I have to roll my category first to avoid causing problems for everyone else, but I too can only get a car from the 4 categories as these are decided first. Also be aware, not all cars have headlights and the weather roll might give us a night race.

Race 2 & 3
Same as race 1 except the winner of the previous race gets a roll option on the track, meaning the winner of the previous round will have the choice of keeping it or gambling. If the winner chooses to gamble, the 2nd track must be used.

Race 4
Again the 4 categories are rolled, the winner of race 3 has the option of choosing any of those 4 categories, or they can be re-rolled. The categories can only be re-rolled once. Once the category is chosen, all drivers are free to choose their own car from this category. Again, the track and weather are rolled at the end.

Race 5
This time, 4 cars will be offered (from any category, not just 4 like the previous rounds), and the winner of race 4 can choose any of the 4 cars, or re-roll them. Again, the re-roll can only happen once. Once the car is chosen, all drivers must use the same car. Again, the track and weather are rolled at the end.

This is open to all, so bring your friends


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Oct 23, 2016
@TicklishPicklewickle could you spam the drivers again please
If I started charging money for it, I think I might be able to run a small business here :p
@Andrei Voicu
@Ardjoune Srikanth
@Azar Alamouri
@BMW /// M-Power
@Captain Slow
@Claes Landbo
@eaZed neptune
@EVR Matt212
@F1 racer
@F4H MaR4uDer
@Felix Thorvil
@Flaming Parrot
@Flecky und Sky
@Fraiture Hervé
@GTS - FusionFR
@Gurken Koenig
@Henry Gordan
@J Peaches
@Jiri Kraus
@Jordy van Oosten
@marley 57
@Mr. Van Ommen
@Raging Beard
@Rali 16
@RWB Rodders
@Salvo Failla
@Tex Wheeler
@The Hunter
@Tragic Bronson
@VSR Davidben
I'm unfortunately not gonna be able to join. Going to a friend's birthday party that night. Really nice initiative by both you and @Jess tho :)


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Apr 20, 2017
not 100% sure I will make it on time due to another league race on that night but count me in otherwise


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Aug 5, 2016
I'm in, even if I didn't understand everything. Will see what happened. Seems to be a funny night


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Mar 7, 2017
I'm up for it (promise I wont cut all the corners this time!)