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Moved Warnings Appealing

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Premium Member
Premium Member
Platform + League: PS4 + F2
League Coordinator: @PedroPMF
Date: 10/07/2020
Members Involved: @SamGamerOfficial
Description: Got 4 unnecessary warnings, in my opinion, 2 of these 4 stupid warnings should be 100% be removed because I believe they were unfair and it could promote me to P3.


My Stream POV:

Lap 9 (40:50): In ONE single corner the game decides to give me 2 warnings in a row, which means I got double what I was supposed to have, BUT I also think the initial "track extension" warning given from the game was unfair because I had 4 wheel on the grass and I was nearly about to lose control of the car and had no choice to correct that with my steering wheel to avoid taking myself out of the race...

Lap 16 (51:02): I strongly believe, after watching multiple time the POV, that I had 2 wheels just about an INCH within the track limits, I was on the very limit of the track usage in this instance.

Lap 29 (1:09:11): The exact same thing as lap 16.

Race Director:




Conclusion: If ATLEAST 2 of these 4 warnings are getting removed, according to my race director, I could get promoted to P3.

Head Steward

Head Steward
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The stewards have reviewed the footage and feel that the double warning on lap 9 was harsh, this will be reduced to 1 warning. The other warnings are all valid, you've just driven off the track, all of these will stand. Final race penalty count will remain the same.

@SamGamerOfficial @PedroPMF
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