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PS4 **WEC LMP2 SINGLE MAKE SERIES** ( Interest Thead) .

Do You Think Sunday Nights is the Fairest Way To Run a Endurance League ?

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Johnny M #7

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Dec 30, 2015
@machwebb @C-FOGARTY
After a Lot Success Running Special Endurance Races for the community Here at AOR ! Late 2016 on PS4.
It seems We have many Endurance Race Fans & Drivers who like the idea of Running an Official AOR
WEC LMP2 ( SINGLE MAKE TEAM Champs )! Tried & Tested .It works .;)
Race Start action from A recent Social MONZA GP.

Drafted up by @machwebb(y)

LMP2 Enduro Series ( RWD P20 )
Venues & Formats (Running Order TBC ) .

Circuit de la Sarthe
Dubai Autodrome GP
Spa Francorchamps
Silverstone GP
Road America
Sakitto GP

All the Races will take approximately 2 HRS .
Circuit de la Sarthe,Dubai GP and Spa Francorchamps,will be Simulated Close to 24HRS Using 10x acceleration .Silverstone GP ,Road America & Sakitto GP will be considered the SPRINT rounds ,and will be Ran in Real-Time .(Times of Day TBC ) .

Weather :
We can not confirm the weather until the Day of Each Race as We will be using Real weather from ‘ weather.Com .Hourly reports on the Circuit for Weather Should make the Races as Realistic as possible .Using the Precipitation details ,you can assume that over 35% we will have Light Rain .Over 65% Will be Rain and Over 90% ‘ Storm ‘ . There will be No Arguments regarding Weather .If any other conditions are detailed like ‘ FOG ‘ or ‘ Thunderstorms ‘ we will be using them in Game .
Team Selection :
As you sign up for the series you will be Numbered in the Order You join the series. 1-16 . Then 3 days before the First Race meeting we will put the Teams Together ( just to stop any Dream Teams Running away with it and Dominating the series ). ‘ Using the Random Sequence Generator ’
at .By formating the sequence Generator into 2 columns ,we will have our Teams in Pairs in the ‘ Fairest ‘ possible way . This will be Broadcast ‘ LIVE ‘
By Machwebb . So you can be confident of NO funny Business .!
This is a Team Based champs as are All Endurance Events & Races

But think myself that wknds will only Work as no one & Not very fair on other European Time Zones to participate on a work day for 2Hrs Racing . So propose Sunday nights say A 6.45pm 18.45pm GMT start as sundays are a chill day for most and Will leave a bit of time free as it wont be running late as in GT3 as for example . Work commitments are less common at weekends .! The championship wont work if your Team m8 is absent from Races .So hopefully we get enough Names down so a Reserve driver can slot in for any absenteeism from Team Drivers/Racers .
I propose a Round every 2-3 weeks just because of the Nature & length of Races.

The car - RWD P20 LMP2 (ABS Only ) Tyre choice Optional for Races .
Please leave Your GAMERTAG if your interested Please . Thanks guys - Racers * ;):)

Poeple who have Previously Raced or Shown Interest In Recent ENDURANCE special Socials :

@Tidgney @Glen-Alz-81 @Seca @NumptyNed @Griff1894 @Ramzy_MZ @pcsolima @GUNNERGAMBLE @robnoxious9000 @Delaney @Honda_Rider_1995 @Andoryu @Tigerkart_22 @RGT_Ayrton @YabbaTheHutt @Newy656 @Goliatoh @SaeidJ @Dave-B87 @Bankai_Bullett @mpc-v1 @iJokeri22 @CatfiSh @FRC-Prinz @DruShan_87 @Pidgey_69 @CJBMX702 @Archie619 @Rexuz @Nitramsen @Valachi @o-YOUNG-DAVE-o @Pedroeol @iSuperScrub @Miccky @Trux @Manx57 @Lanius1984 @Jehan-Nat @iPro x Owen @Archie619
Anyone I have letf out .Sorry ! Get tagging your Race Buddies Fellas .;)

Driver-Racers Interested :

1- @Glen-Alz-81
2- @pcsolima
4- @YabbaTheHutt
5- @o-YOUNG-DAVE-o
6- @CJBMX702
7- @machwebb
8- @Goliatoh
9- @Pidgey_69
10- @mpc-v1
11- @Griff1894
12- @xPiGeOnNiNjA
13- @DrewTheGreat323
14- @NumptyNed
15- @AOR_Maldonado
16- @Play4Stefano
17- @Tigerkart_22
18- @Andoryu
19- @Defiant195
20- @sim-rookie
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Mar 13, 2016
Very interested in this! I do have F1 league at 8pm on sundays up til 2nd of April but I'm sure we can find a way :)
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Jul 15, 2016
When you say a 18:45 start, do you mean lobby opens, practice session, qualifying start or race start?

RGT hayc

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Mar 10, 2016
I'd be up for this but the start time is pushing it for me,kids bed time you see at 7pm.have fun racing chaps.
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