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XB1 [Wed 7th August 2019 8PM] Australia 50% Social


Formula 4 Test Driver
Jul 21, 2019
The new game is with us, the practice has been put in, the placements are being finalised and we're just 1 week away from a new season of league racing.
We start off in Melbourne, Australia for Round 1 of season 18 in AOR and as was done in F1 2018, I will be hosting a social/practice race of the next race every Wednesday at 8pm (if I dont then I'm sure one of the regulars will)

In order to race simply tell me your gamertag and I will reserve you a spot in the race. We will use F1 2019 cars and it'll be first come first serve in the lobby as to which car you can choose.

Date & Time

Date: Wednesday 7th August 2019
Time: 8pm BST (9pm CEST, 3pm EDT)

Drivers reserved:
@Best Kiko
@Zsolt Porcsalmi
@Adam J
@xMinxG (AOR Minx)
@aordarren05 (dakart08)
@AlonsoFerrari3 (Sync Scuderia16)
@Aaron dazzler
@LBrown97 (P1R Brown)
Hi classic delta - can you change my gamertag to @Dazkart05 please ? thanks :cool:
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Formula Karter
Jun 26, 2019
Unfortunately, i have to attend an unexpected social event tonight. I just learnt it so i have to cancel my sign up for this race, i hope to race with you soon.
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Pro Karter
Apr 23, 2019
My xbox disconected from xbox live but when i tested the connection it said there was an issue from their side so i dont know what happened. Maybe i can still make the race


F1 Senna Equivalent
Apr 1, 2016
stupid games updating when im racing.
Should have restarted my router too...


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Staff member
F1 Coordinator
May 12, 2015
Was it lagging really really bad for everyone else or just me?