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XB1 X1 F4 Track Limits abuse in Quali + Race

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Formula 4 Test Driver
Mar 28, 2018
Platform + League: Xbox F4
League Coordinator: @Germo
Date: 20/10/19
Members Involved: @Callumg247
Constant intentional abuse of track limits at stowe, especially in qualifying which caused him to get P2, should've been P4. And then further abuse during the race being the only one in the top 4 abusing it. Going 4 wheels outside the white lines, at least 12 times, minimum.

● Stay within the track boundaries with at least two tyres at all times. The track boundaries are defined by the white lines, NOT by the edge of the kerbs. The white lines are deemed part of the track, however the kerbs are not. Cutting corners, or extending the track, to gain an advantage is not allowed. Drivers found to be persistently breaking this rule will be penalised retrospectively. It is up to the stewards' discretion (based on the evidence provided) to determine whether a driver has abused the track limits to an extent where a penalty is justified.


Let's get rigggght into the quali, clear track extension, videos & pictures below

Here's some videos & images from the race

Lap 25

Lap 12

Lap 26

Lap 1

Lap 3

Lap 4

Lap 5

Lap 9

Lap 12

Lap 16

Lap 20

Lap 21

Lap 22

Lap 25

Probs more that I missed, he didn't have a warning as far as I know


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May 12, 2015
Moved to the stewards, will move any further comments or evidence given.

Head Steward

Head Steward
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have looked over the footage and comments provided and we have decided that @Callumg247 will be given a Qualifying Ban and 5 Penalty Points for the abuse of track limits in qualifying. The Qualifying Ban will be served in the next race @Callumg247 takes part in. As for the repeated abuse of track limits in the race @Callumg247 will be given 15 Penalty Points and a further 20 Second Time Penalty which will be added to their overall race time for the British Grand Prix.

Closed. @Germo @Sims @Callumg247
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