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X360 F4 - Round 18 Brazilian Grand Prix [05/04/15 - 8:00pm]


Formula 4 Test Driver
Mar 11, 2015
im only saying what i saw on my screen, and what i seen was a Suber bearing down on me into my braking zone and hitting me off
I was 3/4 car lengths behind you on my screen I was too far behind for a 'lag bubble' and I didn't touch you. If I would of touched you I would of waited as I said before :)


Formula 3 1st Driver
Content Producer
Jan 14, 2014
T1 Lap 4: I ran wide anyways so I was behind you, even Luke managed to pass me when I ran wide

T10 Lap 10:
So your saying that you didn't bother to look for me when you left the clear door open and your blaming me
i was only calling you out, dunno why it dissapeared but i wasnt expecting it and i didnt know where you were


Formula 4 Test Driver
Mar 11, 2015
On the whole bar the turn 2 incident I'm quite pleased with my first race in AOR. Qualified 2nd with a 1.11.3 matching my pb. Then the start was decent but cosmos pushed off track at turn 2 which then led to bonta loosing his front wing. Was back in 8th or 9th and just worked my way through the field. Had to do a 2 stop due to damage to the front wing but managed to catch and pass Robin a couple of laps from the end for 3rd place :)


Semi-Pro Karter
Aug 4, 2014
Really annoyed. Had some serious pace round here nad knew I could get close to Dan at the end of races. Turn 2 ended that for me. Couldnt be bothered to push so just coasted around knowing the slight chance I had of winning the title had already gone. 10th place in the end


Junior Karter
Dec 11, 2014
seems like i missed a hell of a race

NRT xEclipse

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 2, 2014
Won't be racing next week or my internet doesn't sort itself.. And I won't have any time to practice all week so it would probably be safer for me to sit it out..


Junior Karter
Jan 5, 2015
all i can give you is fastest lap was 1.11.860