X360: GP2: Round 10 - German Grand Prix - [25/1 - 8:15PM ] | ApexOnlineRacing.com

X360: GP2: Round 10 - German Grand Prix - [25/1 - 8:15PM ]


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AOR Admin
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Jan 14, 2014
My Xbox Live subscription ran out today lol I have a 2 day code so I'll be there tonight luckily. Get paid on Wednesday so I'll buy like a 3 month subscription before I eventually move to PS4.
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GP2 Reserve Driver
Nov 11, 2014
I'll jump on at 4 if you lads fancy germanying it out. I need all the practice I can get


GP2 Reserve Driver
Nov 11, 2014
Not sure if anyone has realised this, on the game it says this track has 17 turns, I just checked the track diagram and it has 16 turns labelled but still says it has 17 turns, the old hockenheimring had 16 turns aswell apparently


Formula 3 Test Driver
Oct 22, 2014
Well erm that was a decent race. Good quali to take pole and then a great start

Then I made a mistake but managed to keep with LC until the stops. I then was stuck behind Moss for AGES. His defending was unacceptable but not sure if it was lag? You kept forcing me off the track.

Anyway got past Jazah when he made a mistake and came 2nd!

Not a bad race, well done LC again

Can't wait for Hungary!
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Formula 4 Test Driver
Nov 6, 2014
Come on seriously i can't take it on my own again. I'm sorry for the word i'll use but please GO LEARN TO DRIVE !!!!!

I managerq a safety start which cost me 1 position : ok no problem, stay safe and then got crash and pushed out of the track : -8 position.

A lot of crash with a couple of car ( again ?) found a way to overtake : +4 position which made me to be app. 4-5th. And then At the hairpin, got pushed out far far far away from the track, broke 2 parts of my front row and then i made 4th ----> 16th. In the race, there are 3 times where i got overtook, and then got touched 3 times so, can't brake : Yes good idea, You don't know how to brake ? The car in front of you can brake you ! Nice ?

To resume, i got now pushed out of the track 3 races in a row so if it happens again in the next race i think i won't be able to handle this anymore, please watch out guys srsly

Jack Carr Riley

Formula 3 2nd Driver
Feb 11, 2014
Not staying in this division after the display in Germany
Can we possibly lock it to clear or is that a no no?


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Jan 14, 2014
wow what a crazy race.

failed to reach my pb in quali which was a 1.13.9 but i was happy with 3rd.

race was full wets, got of to a slippery start and was going round the outside of riley when to my suprise hpe was there too (i reckon he jumped the start lol). this forced me wide and was down to 7th but while the pack infront got in a mess at turn 2 i found a gap and got through back in to 3rd somehow. took me a few laps to settle and then went after moss. once i passed him and went after mole. as i got close he went deep at turn 2 which gave me a run on him and made a nice little undercut move at the hairpin to take P1. mole pitted on 16 and i on 17 luckily i managed to stay ahead by 1.6 and the gap stayed like that for about 5 laps straigt until mole made a mistake n fell back. my team mate for some wierd reason decided not to pit so i caught n passed him to regain P1. he then held mole up which brought jaza into play. the whole time they battled allowed me to pull away. took another win around this track and my first ever wet race win so yeah pretty happy with that.
i still aint catching mole up as fast as i hoped, i wanted to be leading after spa to give myself a chance for when my bad tracks arrive come but hes making hard for me lol. ill keep plugging away.
hungary next one of favourite tracks but not my strongest. always a pleasure to drive there. ERTI WILL WIN


GP2 Reserve Driver
Apr 12, 2014
Well that was a fun yet annoying race.
Bottled qualy, was purple in sector 2 then threw it into the gravel, so i started 4th I think, got an unbelievable start so I went 3 wide with LC and Riley into turn 1 and I got side pod glitches unluckily, I was then down to 16th, I then was able to catch up to the pack at the hairpin then I got side pod glitches again, at this point I was thinking this is going to be ****, but I was able to stay consistent and went through the pack and finished in 4th :). If I didn't get involved in the lap 1 incidents I think I could've fought for the win or a podium, anyways I'm happy with the final result and see you lot in Hungary :)


Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Jan 13, 2014
Another race to forget ****, I hope the next will be better. I quit the race because I could not play anything and I also heard that my car was jumping


Taylor Reynolds

F1 Race Winner
Apr 14, 2014
I was never invited to the game until Riley invited me after qualifying had already begun. Someone care to explain please that would be great