X360 GP2 - Round 19 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix [12/04/15 - 8:15pm] | ApexOnlineRacing.com

X360 GP2 - Round 19 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix [12/04/15 - 8:15pm]


GP2 1st Driver
Feb 9, 2014

A pretty spectacular way to end my AOR career


Had a eventful race but fully enjoyed it! Had a great battle with @DefterTrout125 over 11th place, but when @Jack Carr Riley disconnected it got sweaty :nailbiting:.

Thanks again for an eventful past few weekends and i'll hopefully see some of you in 9.5 or on the 2015 game :happy:
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F1 Coordinator
Jan 13, 2014
i Would Just like to say guys, Throughout the whole season, it has been REALLY enjoyable For me.

Thanks For Letting me and @DefterTrout125 Be the Cods For the Season Aswell.

Couldnt have Asked For more in my Final Xbox League Race, Hard to Take as i have had so much Fun on the xbox with meeting and talking to u guys.

For People Moving to XB1 and PC, Well it was Nice knowing u guys hopefully we can keep in contact sum way.

For People Making the jump to PS4, Well Prepare ur Anus Cuz iam Coming For you xDxDxD

Cheers Again Guys.


AOR Admin
Staff member
AOR Admin
Premium Member
Jan 14, 2014
Thanks for the racing guys, might see some of you around in any mini season there may be, if not hope to see some of you on PC in the future (y)


AOR Legend & 4-time AOR Xbox F1 Champion
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Jan 14, 2014
first ever hat-trick get in there!!!

quali - got my first pole of the season with a wonder lap 1.40.4

race - started on primes as usual and dropped to 2nd as rage stormed off into the lead. i held 2nd from davey until lap 3 when the safety where all chaos broke loose. i stopped for options and rejoined 8th. after the restart i made some good moves through the pack and was up to 2nd behind rage with jazah 3rd, we had a crazy battle until i stopped on lap 12, jazah followed me in which led me to having a 5sec pitstop as he jumped me in the pits which in return dropped me behind davey and mole but once again safety car comes out. this helped rage retain the lead while mole stopped i was up to 4th. after the restart i took davey and went after jazah. he lost it on to a kerb and lost his wing. i made my final stop on lap 20 but rage was around 10sec ahead, i was keeping the gap just under 10sec just incase he had a penalty but then my lag spike strikes and i appeared infront of davey. we swapped positions a few times but his tyres where fading so i pulled away. crossed the line to learn rage had penaltys for cutting so was delighted to take my first ever hat-trick of wins on ARL/AOR.
great racing with you all this season. hopefully see most of you on the track soon.
its been a pleasure (y)
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GP2 Test Driver
May 19, 2014
An exciting race to finish off an enjoyable season for me, and had some great races along the way. Look forward to moving on to the XB1 and hopefully racing again with many here. All the best!
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