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X360 GP2: Round 2 - Malaysian Grand Prix [16/11/14 - 8:15pm]


Formula 3 Test Driver
Oct 22, 2014
Great qualy, my PB and just behind Cryo. Had the pace early on to match the front 2 but got held in pitstop and by traffic so lost a lot of time. Went onto options at the end and closed the gap to Reversal but wasn't enough. Still, my 1st AOR podium in my 2nd race :D


GP2 1st Driver
Feb 9, 2014
Did alright in Qualy, just beating my team mate. However in the race it was looking to be a great McLaren vs Williams battle until the Williams Duo collided. My team mate drove a great race to jump me in the stops and then to chase down the Ferrari ahead. Overall great haul of points for McLaren and a shoutout to Erti for almost making me commit the bottle job of the century in losing a 8s lead on 6 laps :p


Formula 4 1st Driver
Jan 14, 2014
A frustrating race to say the least. The race was finally starting to get interesting and the battle for 8th was getting close until I binned it into the wall on lap 17 at the last turn. My worst race in awhile, absolutely no pace whatsoever.


Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Jan 13, 2014
Well it was going OK for me, then Lap 2 happened..... Was a real shame as it lost me about 20 seconds, then also ruined my tires which compromised my strategy for the whole race. For the most part my pace didn't look too bad considering it was my worst track, hopefully something will go my way in Bahrain.....


GP2 Reserve Driver
Apr 12, 2014
Bottled qually, started 8th and got a decent start, I then fell behind erti, I then had the task of catching him and passing him which I eventually did (on around lap 3) :p, I then chased down my team mate who I didn't quite have they pace to catch up to, but luckily for me, he was having a nice battle with the Williams duo which enabled me to catch up. Them the Williams duo collided meaning me and my team mate were able to pull away. On lap 7 I made the decision to pit which actually ended up great, meaning I was able to jump my team mate, after that it was plain sailing, I was trying to get into the podium places but the two Mercedes were to fast, silent mole was just teasing me by making a few little mistakes but overall he had great pace, in the end I finished on my ski's to what was a very good 4th place with my team mate 10 seconds down the road in 5th, overall I'm really pleased with this result. :)
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Cryo Lockdown

F1 Test Driver
Jan 13, 2014
It wasn't easy, but I'm glad I took home a perfect weekend (P1, FL, P1) :D

Quali was pretty good, the lap was quick enough for P1 but Silentmole his quali lap (and also Reversal's) showed that they too had some really good pace. I drove one of my best first stints I had done on this track but Reversal managed to stick with me, which actually put me under pressure a bit. Everytime I managed to pull a small gap he closed it, and when I went wide at the penultimate corner he was just a second adrift.

Thankfully I managed to keep everything together and stayed out one lap longer than him, I got a bit lucky with him being held up in the pits and that made sure that I came out ahead of him after my own pit stop on L9. From there on I slowly made the gap a bit bigger until the prime stint arrived.

I knew the prime stint was a hell, so I practiced it a few times and it paid off! Was pulling away averaging around a second per lap on Reversal and secured the win. Also the first Mercedes 1-2 which gives us quite a bit of margin in the Constructors championship now!

See you all next week @ Bahrain, I'm expecting to see a lot of action there as Bahrain is a great track to have league races on :)


AOR Admin
Staff member
AOR Admin
Jan 14, 2014
Enjoyed that race. Qualied 6th. Started on Prime and came flying back on options to make some overtakes and in the last stint managed the gap to LC while catching Matty. Nearly 5th but LC got spun off and had another mistake so coulda been 7th so I'll gladly take 6th.

AOR Reversal

F1 Multiple Champion
Apr 12, 2014
Hopefully the first of many 1-2 for Merc boys, looks like a promising season ahead. Was surprised about how quiet the race was, but I'm not complaining. Very happy with the result, look ahead to Bahrain, a strong track for many and me included.


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Premium Member
Jan 13, 2014
Happy to get in the race and get some points. Need to put some practice in if I'm gonna fight for the higher positions