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XB1 - Equal car settings - How to practice?

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Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Oct 10, 2016
Hi all,

During the past couple of months I have considered to participate in AOR’s F1 leagues on the XB1.
As the new season is now in ahead of us, I have decided to give it a go and I have signed up. Weeehuu!

During a MP session when car performance is set “Equal”, I find that cars are still not handling identical. They may be equal performance wise!
It seems the engines of the different manufacturers are still different as they have different RPM redlines.
I’m racing from the cockpit view, and the only guidance is the hud dash on the steering wheel. The RPM shift lights is full at different RPMs in the cars between them, which in some cases leaves me going through corners in different gears depending on the actual car.

I want to be as competitive/consistent as possible and therefore put some hours into practice to adjust the setup to fit my preference.
It seems to me on the XB1 the only possibility of creating a session with “equal” car settings is through multiplayer, and unfortunate I cannot start a MP Practice session without having any participants in the session.

So my question to you experienced guys. How do you practice and adjust the setup before a race day?


Formula 4 1st Driver
Sep 19, 2018
I actually think that the most important is learning the racing line. Once you got that and your braking zones, the car is secondary, since gears depends much more on Many other factors as ers deployment, fuel, tyre wear, damage...i usually start practicing doing some TT laps, pushing the car to the limit and finding the best line, then i switch to some free practice, where the laps are slower so you can focus on tyre wear and pace, and since the turns are coming at you sligthly slower than how you’re used to in TT you can adapt to whats going on, and choosing the right gear and such...maybe sometimes you go wider and need a lower gear to turn the car...but overall you know the ideal line and gear to get max speed, and from there you adapt...
not saying that’s the best way, that’s just how i train :)