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XB1 FIFA 15 - Season 4 General Info.


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Jan 16, 2014
Welcome to season 4 of the AOR's very successful FIFA league series we've been running for quite a while now. The leagues thus far has offered hugely competitive football across both divisions and we've seen unique champions every single season. These champions so far are Jimmy Leeky (S1), TRL Schumacher (S2) and KurtJP35 (S3). We are looking to build on this history and want you guys to be apart of this.

League Format
Similar to both seasons 2 & 3 this season will be ran over 2 divisions, the Premier Division and Division 2. The format for games within the division will be ran like this:

Division 1:
8 Players, x3 Rounds of Fixtures, 21 League Games

Division 2:
12 Players, x2 Rounds of Fixtures, 22 League Games

You guys voted for us to do BPL (DIV 1) & Championship (DIV 2) teams so that'll be the selection criteria for team selection. As for the individual team selection this will be done via last season's finishing positions with Premier Division players getting the first picks before we then move onto DIvision 2 participants. Duplicate team choices are not allowed and the team chosen must fall into the criteria listed in the team selection thread once it goes active after all sign ups are confirmed.

Matches will be played from Sunday to Sunday each week, and both players must arrange a suitable time to play each other either on the forums or through XBL. If you fail to complete any of your games after the end of season deadline the result will be simulated as a draw losing you potential points unless two things happen. Rather you request an extension by contacting a coordinator or it is proven that you or your opponent avoided the game therefore conceding the culprit even the chance at getting one point.

League Rules

Team Level : DIV1: BPL, - DIV2: Championship
Half Length : 6 Mins
Controls : Any
Game Speed : Normal
Squad Type : Online

Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated on the AOR, this includes but is not limited too:
  • Rage Quitting
  • Deliberately getting men sent off
  • Scoring numerous own goals to benefit your opponent
  • Abusing other members on and off the forums
  • Use of the 'Kick-off glitch' exploit and any other abuse of faulty game mechanics
  • Others - This is what Mods & Cods see as unsportsmanlike
Anyone found not using these rules will be warned and if it is continued will be removed from the leagues immediately. In severe cases you may be removed on the original action if that action is viewed as grossly inappropriate.

Confirmed Participants (20):

Division 1 (7)

KurtJP35 (AOR KurtJP)
xxkrypto (csej76)
Troyfmcg (Troyfmcg)
FisiFan91 (FisiFan91)
JordanMcGonigal (JordanMcGonigal)
MrJonesyy (MrJonesyy)

Division 2 (12)
Smithycity99 (Smithycity99)
Devastator2810 (SvG Devestation)
Whoz jinx (Whoz Jinx)
InfamousVader1997 (InfamousVader)
LST Viperz (LST Viperz)
jordankelly2013 (JordanK2406)
Chris Johnson (BadmanJohnson)
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