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XB1 XB1 OCEANIA - Incident with ReynHC

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Feb 4, 2019
Platform + League: XB1 Oceania F1
League Coordinator: @OfficialRAGamer - (Twitter) VSR RoscoArm
Date: 20/10/19
Members Involved: AllanHugo04, ReynHC
Going into Stowe (T15) I had DRS on ReynHC and I made a move up the inside. I made the move fairly and was ahead as we were nearing the apex of the corner. I stuck to the inside, centimeters beside the inside curb and white line. Reyn then came straight across my car and unreasonably hit me. I then spun around as we locked wheels. I lost around 8 Secs after the spin. He claims it was a mistake, which I can accept however mistakes cause incidents and are classed as dirty driving. Driver continues to be involved in incidents this season i.e taking out Derick Kid in France and further. I can't see how this can be classed as a racing incident as I did the absolute best I could to avoid it (Sticking to the inside). I see it as unnecessary and careless to just come onto my line which is what happens in the attached video.

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Jan 25, 2014
Unfortunately this stewards enquiry will not be looked at by the stewards as it was posted after the deadline. In future please try and make sure to submit enquiry's before the deadline, which is Tuesday 9am UK time.

Closed. @RoscoArm @AllanHugo
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