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XB1 XB1 Tier 1 - AOR Classic Christmas Cup - Main Discussion Thread


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Sep 18, 2016
Hey guys, you are all the people in the Xbox tier 1 for the Christmas Cup so please enjoy racing over the next couple of weeks. Feel free to use this thread for any questions you have and anything you wish to discuss.

Your coordinators for these 5 races are myself and @Hayden_430 so we should be able to help with any questions. Also please let us know in the race threads if you can't make a race for whatever reason.

Please add me (Jamie183) and Hayden (LCR HAYDEN) on Xbox so we can send out invites for the races.

@Clonetroop 2512 - VSR Clonetroop5
@Jason97F1 - Jason97F1
@LBrown97 - P1R BROWN
@TRL Martin - TRL Martin
@Johnsallonika - Johnsallonika43
@Hayden_430 - LCR HAYDEN
@Oliver Smithson - Oli44Smithson
@AOR Pelzeri - AOR Pelzeri
@C0LDH3AD - bfeherf1
@George - EVR Franglish
@Aidan Holland - VSR Holland
@Nathan Moore - VSR Moorso
@Bwumsen - Bwumsen
@Blackstahill - Blackstahill
@Joglar17 - ARMY Joglar
@Rdasher15 - tR Dasher
@Jamie183 - Jamie183
@tR DutchMan - tR DutchMan
@Aaron dazzler - Aaron dazzler
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