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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Apr 2, 2019
Platform + League: XBX A1
League Coordinator: @miniminiman09 @KLID22
Date: 31/may/2020
Members Involved: @kogoda
Kogoda has been using the number throughout this season during the races. His number for AOR S19 is 15, but has been using 21 which is my number. I have spoken to one of the co-ordinators for our tier about this after Bahrain and they said they would speak to them. So clearly Kogoda has already been warned about this. I know the stewards will deem it NFA but it's worth bringing it to their attention, otherwise, there is no point in having a number reserved. The screenshots below are of Kogoda in AUT, DEU and CAN as they were the only ones I had still saved.
Evidence: 0d22aaf1-c96a-48e9-8116-aa53fb91ffb9.PNG c4636e12-0dc7-4a65-9978-e7b6023c27f1.PNG f42eecd7-f87d-4e7f-a75a-e1146d35cda1.PNG number.JPG


S18 AOR XB1 Assist League 2 Champion
Jan 17, 2018
I wasn't warned and genuinely didn't know, 21 is the number I usually use in other leagues and I haven't changed it in a long time. I will go to number 15 for brazil sorry

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Jan 25, 2014
This steward enquiry has been closed. This is an issue that should resolved by the coordinator/s of XB1 AL1. But it does look like @kogoda just made an honest mistake and will change their number for the next race.
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