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Xmas Social Races - 29th November 2018


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Jan 14, 2014

Hi All,

There is just a couple of weeks till the Xmas season begins and I thought there maybe a chance some of you still have a racing itch that needs scratching! I am looking to run a few FUN social races on Thursday the 29th at the usual time 7.45PM till 9PM UK Time.

  • BOP will be used on all cars, No Setups Required!
  • You are welcome to design your own custom livery's or use one from the GT community.
  • Cars you require to Purchase are listed below with costs.
  • 140,000 Credits buys all the cars you need.
  • No Tyre Wear or Fuel Usage or pit stops just straight racing.

Race 1 Starting with a British theme of classic mini racing, on this semi oval circuit should make for a close race between everyone, its nearly completely flat out (except turn 1) which should make it easy to keep in the slipstream of your opponents.

Race 1: Classic Mini's
Car: Mini Cooper 'S' '65
Tyre: Sports Hard
Purchase Cost: 50,000 Credits
Track: Brands Hatch Indy
Race Length (10 Minutes) - 7/8 laps
No qualifying - Random Grid

Race 2 will feature the Toyota S-FR Racing concept around the Spanish circuit of Catalunya, scene of many recent F1 Grand Prix's. This exciting yet slightly odd looking car is a very quick and nippy machine that handles extremely well around twisty track such as this one, it should make for a fun race and chances for slip streaming down the main straight.

Race 2: N300 Concept Racing
Car: S-FR Racing Concept '16 (Toyota)
Tyre: Racing Hard
Purchase Cost: 80,000 Credits
Track: Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya GP Layout
Race Length: 15 Minutes
6 minutes
** This race will also feature a special twist to the qualifying result**

Races 3 & 4 we go back to basics and where most drivers begin there Motorsport careers in Go Karts! I have selected two tracks that offer a range of challenges from tight technical cornering to long and flowing straights, each race will last around 9/10 minutes using the 125cc Shift Karts, tyres are default to SS on the karts.

Race 3: Go Karts
Car: 125cc Gran Turismo Racing Kart
Tyre: Default
Purchase Cost: 10,000 Credits
Track: Tsukaba (Normal)
Race Length: 9 Minutes

Small Practise session before to learn the track (5 mins)

Race 4: Go Karts
Car: 125cc Gran Turismo Racing Kart
Tyre: Default
Purchase Cost: see above!
Track: Blue Moon Bay Speedway Infield A II
Race Length: 10 Minutes

Small Practise session before to learn the track (5 mins)

If you can commit to joining this then please sign up below:

I have factored in extra time so we shouldn't run over, and hopefully will finish before 9PM the event is quite relaxed so if you want to join and can't be there to do all the races you are also welcome!

Driver Sign Up Name:

Interested Guys?
  1. @Delaney , PSN: RoninGT-Delaney, Danish, 34ms, G29
  2. @BL99DY-NINE PSN: BL99DY-NINE, American, 111ms, Pad
  3. @hollowdene PSN: Hollowdene, British, 8ms, Fanatec CSL Elite
  4. @SEAN-GBR PSN: SEAN-GBR, English, 13ms, T300RS
  5. @dragapollo12 PSN: Dragapollo12, British, 24ms, Pad
  6. @1.MSC PSN: Robfisken69, Swedish, 55ms, Pad
  7. @Wobbuffet PSN: Shadow_Sylar, English, 20ms, Pad
  8. @Hasnain PSN: Ace_Hasnain_282, British, 16ms, Pad
  9. @CLR_ChrisJason PSN: CLR_Crisjason, Austrian, (33ms)
  10. @WECM_Seat10 PSN: Wecm_seat10, Austrian, 32ms
  11. @ERS_Thunder PSN: Megamunkki, Finnish, 52ms
  12. @ZWValandil
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Mar 12, 2016
I’ll do my Best to be there and beat the crap out of you. It might also be me (most likely) who’ll be in the wrong end of the stick.
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