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PC Zandvoort Contact on start straight


Formula 4 1st Driver
Oct 9, 2018
League: AC Formula 3 Season 2
League Coordinator: @Sarv_H25 @Mali Baćo
Date: 10/02/2020
Members Involved: @Mevans44 and @Mearcat
Mearcat made a mistake running over the exit kerbs of the penultimate corner that compromised his speed heading into the start finish straight.
Matt Evans (@Mevans44) got a better exit and therefore increased speed onto the straight. Instead of maneuvering around Mearcat Matt Evans remains behind and hits the rear of Mearcat pushing his car into a multiple spin and collision with the wall.

Did the Driver wait to give back any positions required: No
PLEASE WATCH YOUR VOLUME!! Capture software records at full volume

Cars are the same colours however -
@Mearcat > car #42 - first half of video
@Mevans44 > Car #43 - Second half of video



Assetto Corsa Coordinator
Staff member
AC Coordinator
Dec 27, 2018
Matt Evans Yesterday at 6:44 PM
"Hi Sarv, It was a completely unintentional contact. I was holding my car to the right and expected him to move left as I closed in. As we started to straighten he also came to the right with me meaning our cars touched. I did not lift as I closed because I wanted to get the best run on to the straight but I did not expect him to follow me to right straight away. Hence we touched, I can only apologise to him. I had nearly overtaken him the lap before and had a half spin into the wall. I caught him again within a lap and a half, hence I did not expect such an early aggressive defense because the run he was getting on to the straight was so much worse than mine. As I say all I can do is apologise, there was certainly no intent to touch his car."