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My name is Luca Sohn and I am 18 years old. For me Motorsport is life.
I am part of SPS automotive performance which is a real life racing team, racing with the AMG GT3 in various championships like Intercontinental GT Challenge or GT World Challenge Europe.
Want to create a new Esport racing team - SPS eSports performance.
- 2020 The Solberg Race, #3
- 2020 eSports Race Driver for Race Clutch (RC), France (Role change, individual season)
- 2019 eSports WRC, #7 World / World Championship Finalist
- 2019 eSports WRC #1 World Champion (Teams Championship)
- 2019 eSports WRC Driver for Race Clutch (RC), France (9.1.2019-)
- 2018 eSports WRC, #22 World
- 2018 01.26 Starts eSports Racing with WRC7
Hey Quentin! You're mostly the fastest guy with R4 cars. Please let us see your videos why u are so fast. Would be nice. Bye, Michael
Hi there,

Sorry for the incident in L2 T1, I missed my braking point, couldn't control the car at a certain point, the only thing I could do is dive as I did. I am very sorry, if you want to report it, I totally get it.

Otherwise, congrats on your P7!
Hi. I saw that they put you in Mercedes, but I wanted to have Balu | Kubu eSports as a teammate, so can you be in a team change when you will be in toro rosso, and I will take your seat at Mercedes.
hi was wondering when an how u pick your teams or do thay get picked for u
VSR RoscoArm
VSR RoscoArm
If you're a full-time driver, it'll be based on what order you're in. If your a reserve driver you don't pick a team only your racing number
dose he have to do it again as he has all ready got times
VSR RoscoArm
VSR RoscoArm
Who's this he you're talking about? If this is Derickkid who's trying to get into AOR again, you were blacklisted last season for 3 uninformed no-shows
Ok Jamie so after what happened in the Evaluation race tonight? Will it still count? Or Not? I have taken pics of my times for the race and have signed up to sundays race just in case, let me know ASAP!
Hi Toth,

Sorry for the punt this evening. Castella span me and just drove off I was pushing really hard to get back up to him and overcooked my tyres. Moloto was very ambitious up the inside of me and punted me across into you.

Hope it didn't spoil your race.

Thanks, Steve
Hi Steve,

I saw from the replay that it was not your fault at all in last corner. Although it damaged my front lights, I was able to finish the race. That flashing show was me if you saw any of it during last few laps.
Not sure what happened to Moloto though as I remember he finished before me.

It was a great race! Thanks for the quality battles.
See you next week!

Stephen Beswick
Stephen Beswick
I thought it was my fault during the race but yeah, looking back at the replay I got proper sandwiched! I think moloto was perhaps a bit optimistic getting up the inside of me. But it was my mistake in the previous corner that put me there so I need to not overdrive so much next time.