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Hi!I have signed up for the PC leagues on F1 2018 and i have redone my speedtest on a London server like you told me to.Is there any chance that I will be placed in a league for the race tommorow?
Waiting to be accepted for the PC2 S12 GT3 league. Just applied... doing my time trials now!
Hi, I'm Jesus, I'm from Ciudad Real, I've been playing video games for many years, I started in F1 2013, and I've continued competing nationally in both F1 and Project Cars, and I made the jump to European championships with the WRC7 and GT Sport
Hey everyone, I'm new here and would like to introduce myself. My GT is IRebs I play solely on XB1. Im still a bit green to sim racing but I play Project Cars 2, F1 2018, and Forza 7.
Hey mate i'm very sorry i choose the wrong setup at the beginning and the car wasn't reacting as i expected so it was a bit tricky especially under braking
New to sim racing, enjoy F1 hopefully can get into a league soon.
Can check out my YouTube channel (BarryTRC Turner)
Hey mate,

I noticed that i am not listed on the result page from last nights race, is that because i haven't allocated a car number that your post mentioned in the thread last night? If so, how do I go about this please?
Please don't post here but write to me in PM.
I didn't uploaded yet completely the results.
You've to post on the thread and next time read what is wrote in the Steam group..
Hello !
The "AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues - Season 16
PC - Main Sign-Up Thread" is currently open, but it wont allow me to post my application. Am i too stupid or is there a mistake ?