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I like to enjoy racing and cars :cool:;)
Moin bin von OfficialTeamZen Esports und wir bräuchten noch einen fahrer sind bis jz zu 2. aus f3 müsstest silverstone und singapur fahren tt. Wenn du intresse hast melde dich bei mir im discord. i7suis / Louis #2470
Hi Andrex Remember back in the old days on project cars 1 you, me ,Doberman and Rauel round le mans in lmp1
Ah, yeah, That was a while ago :p
But certainly spent a lot of time lapping around there!
Is there any leagues or endurance races on ps4 for Assetto Corsa or Project Cars 2?
Is there any project cars 2 leagues I can sign up for today?
I've just made an absolute error and accidentally signed up for an xb1 league and I'm on pc :-(
Where an how do i do the TT for the leauge
Pas plus vite qu’a fond.
Joe allen
Joe allen
What all leagues. Are avalible for xb1 project cars also any teams looking for a top #100 driver ?
Be teammates?
Hello, I come to you because I saw that a place was free in the elite category and being 1st of the category PRO I wanted to know if I would go in the elite category or not? If so will it be done before the race of tonight. thank you in advance
Yeah I’m gonna crash
Thanks for the information and helping me, appriciate it! Just to let you know I have a sport lesson till 7.30 UK time. Maybe I am just a few minuts later.
You have till 8pm to join the lobby, just make sure you have the pit limiter set also as we use manual pit stops so you don’t get dsq and you must pit during the race, it’s all in the race thread
Hello Nick. Thanks for adding me for tonights race. Could you give me any details about tonights race, howlate and that staff. Thanks mate
Your invite will be sent out about 7:45 uk time, damage is off but you will still need to set your radiator accordingly as mechanical damage is on, make sure you had read the rules that can be found in the first page of the evaluation race thread and follow the links, also make sure you understand the rolling start procedure, I have attached a link,
unfortunately for work probleems i will can not play on this league..may be next one. I'm sorry