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  • ANNOUNCEMENT: The AOR iRacing leagues are back for another season! Sign-ups now open:
    AOR GTE League Season 7 - LINK
    AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 3 - LINK

Hi, Ive signed up for the dirt rally season and was wondering if I will be in the pro tier? I finished 3rd in the dirt 4 rally season 1 modern championship.
No, if you read the rules it says that only those who finish in Rookie Tier Top 3 of the last season on DiRT 4, and the previous Pro Tier participants will be in pro Tier. Everyone else will be placed in Rookie Tier.
Hi PhantomHamster.
Tomorrow I am leaving on holiday for a week so I will not be racing on wednesday.
See you next week on the track and good luck in Spain!
I would like to join a f1 league and get back into league racing. im very clean and would like to see side by side and close battles and also a league where i can see myself closely matched with others. im on xbox one platform and my user name on that is j8shy2003. thank you
Hello, I have a complain to make. The recently opened DiRT Rally 2.0 league required to connect a server at the UK. Since I live in Malaysia, this is very inconvenient for me to join the league with a very high ping(more or less 200ms). Just asking, is a server at Asia or Oceania possible in the future? Even if action cannot be taken immediately, taking note of this would be appreciate. Thank you.
Sadly that would be nigh impossible as there simply aren't enough willing Coordinators, Officiators and Participants to make such a thing happen. But if such demand would ever be high enough, I'd be willing to see to it that such a thing would happen.
Real name:paulo Preto
Car class, you want to race in: AUDI R8 LMS GT3
Will you be able to race at 7 pm on Saturday 25th?: Yes
Have you read all the rules surrounding the AOR RF2 Endurance Rules: Yes
Hi I don't know what series I’m in for F1. Message XxPravinMagicxX on Xbox so I could figure what series I'm in. Thanks.
Hey man i wrote youre name on psn Curly_Wurly but there are 57 other people with that name.
Greetz VanQuish112