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Im in the assist league but it wont let me post my time trial scores, any idea on why?
The thread is closed as the deadline is posted. It will be opened for submissions after Round 1.
when will that be?
I have also Just bought a GT Omega Pro Racing Simulator Professional with the RS6 Seat on GTOmegaRacing Ltd. With Apex Online Racing having a partnership with GTOmegaRacing, I was able to use a coupon code (AOR) for a discount. (#AOR)
Hello Everyone and a huge welcome to Apex Online Racing.
My name is Paul Clist but my friends and family call me Gizmo. I am 25 years old with a huge passion for motorsports and most various games on the PlayStation platform. I am currently working on building a YouTube motorsport channel for all of my online community races from Apex Online Racing and some other various games along the way.
Season 15: PC Split: Assist 1 F1 2017 | Mercedes | Driver's Championship: 4th | Points: 163| Race Starts: 14 | Wins: 1 | Podiums: 5 | Poles: 5 | DNF: 1
Absolutely gutted to the core that I won’t be racing this season but I’ll be watching everyone else! Hope everyone’s eval races go well ☺️
Hello, I was wondering if any further action needs to be taken for signing up for American league? I have posted my information as well as TT. Are American league drivers required to attend and evaluation race?

I don't see anything on the subject for an evaluation race on the post.

Thank you,

Nope. Drivers in the American and/or Oceania leagues do not have to do an evaluation race. :)
National Sim Racing F1 Champion of Macedonia in 2013 where i met Timotej Andonovski with whom together we will participate in this championship for the first time since then