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When we say "league racing is in our blood" we're not kidding. Everything Apex Online Racing stands for revolves around racing and creating an enjoyable and competitive experience on the virtual race track. In the AOR leagues it doesn't matter if you're a seasoned pro or a new guy coming into the racing scene, we have leagues and events that cater for all abilities. There is a rumour that AOR is "only for the elite drivers"; which isn't true. We are here to get you to your peak, taking you on the journey that many of us here have already been on.

Speed, racecraft, precision and dedication don't come to us all naturally. At AOR we believe creating leagues to allow our members to progress through the tiers (while enjoying fun, competitive racing throughout the journey) is key. We will support all drivers who join AOR, provided they respect our rules and ways of racing and see them through their esports/sim racing career. AOR is a perfect stepping stone from amateur to pro racing.

Back in 2014 (when AOR was originally funded) sim racing was a niche pastime. Since the explosion of the F1 esports series, sim racing has been given a huge lift in profile with other esports competitions. Remember those days of your parents saying "Stop wasting your time on video games"? Those days are definitely gone, welcome to the modern face of sim racing, esports.

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So, you want to take the next step of your online racing adventure? Perfect! Welcome to AOR. Here we will ensure you are racing against other fellow racers, with equality and close competition being the key. It doesn't matter whether you are a sim racing pro or amateur racer just looking to have some fun - our leagues cater for drivers of all abilities, from pro, semi-pro, amateur, just for fun and beginner. Whatever your league racing requirements, we can accommodate them at AOR. All you need is a mindset for clean and fair racing!

We have a lot of requests of "How do I join"? Forums aren't for everyone, which is why we've made this page. Click the button below, and we'll take you to our 'Join' page, where you can select the game you want to sign up for and get more information about the leagues we currently run.

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