Since the birth of Apex Racing League back in 2010 and the subsequent evolution into Apex Online Racing four years later, the leagues hosted on Codemasters’ official F1 games have always been heavily prominent within our community. Over the years the league racing scene has been gathering momentum alongside AOR, and now we look ahead to more exciting ventures for this esteemed partnership on a new game: F1 2018.

It’s that time of year again! AOR has said goodbye to another F1 game after two great seasons of racing, and is now eagerly awaiting the latest instalment of the series for all our members to indulge into the next chapter of their league racing careers. Confirmed for F1 2018 is Season 16 of the AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues, and it already boasts prizes to all tiers, new regions for participation, giveaways, articles covering tiers, highlights, as well as the new website you are reading this article on! Season 16 and F1 2018 will arrive on the back of the two biggest seasons in AOR’s history with over 600 participants on the PC, PS4 and XB1 platforms, and following the addition of exciting variables such as ERS management to racing on the new game we are set to delve further towards a fully immersive racing experience.

Alongside season 16, we also have F1 Esports to look forward to on F1 2018. AOR starred in the 2017 and inaugural rendition of the series by hosting championships for 9 qualification spots and then seeing our champion Brendon Leigh take the title. This is set to continue onto 2018 after an incredible 14 of the 16 drivers selected from the Pro Draft are current or former participants of the AOR F1 leagues.


More drivers have since been selected outside of the Pro Draft for the series. This includes the announcement of 2017 Champion Brendon Leigh teaming up with the most successful AOR F1 driver – five-time champion Harry Jacks (Noble 2909) – at Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport. They’ll be joining the already-confirmed driver Daniel Bereznay (FormulaDani), yet another AOR F1 champion, to form a formidable line-up. One driver who has his contract signed for F1 Esports 2018 is newly crowned four-time AOR champion Salih Saltunc (TheFlyingFinn08). He joins brother Sonuc Saltunc and huge AOR rival Allert van der Wal (RG Matiiz) in the Sauber Esports team, and these are his thoughts looking back from season 15 and moving forward towards season 16 and F1 Esports:

“Season 15 was pretty strong for me. Statistically it’s been incredible and consistent, but it also felt like the most challenging one so far with Cedric (NLR Evo) driving as well as he did. Every race was fun to take part in and I’m glad to win my fourth title in a row. The plan for season 16 is to take part on the PC, with my brother and other Sauber Esports team mate, Allert. Racing on PC will give us the best preparation needed for the Pro Series and I look forward to racing against familiar, but new faces as well.”

Those familiar faces he is referring to is the large amount of participants from F1 Esports 2017 who subsequently joined the AOR Hype F1 Leagues on the PC platform, to form the most competitive tier AOR has undoubtedly ever seen. This display of immense talent accompanied by the now synonymous commentary of King Kodiak and company demonstrates the continual development of the league. One man who has experienced this first hand over recent years is Alexukr, who also shares his opinions from season 15 to 16:

“I think season 15 was an unexpected success considering the longevity of the game itself wasn’t great and considering the glitches were present throughout and eliminated a lot of the good elements from racing. Season 16 looks set to see old drivers returning once more, and with new ones joining the rankings will be mixed up again. With a hopefully functioning safety car, improved handling model and the introduction ERS management on F1 2018 I think the racing will see a big improvement. This will inevitably then transfer into huge hype for season 16, and the fun we all experience in these leagues will continue!”

August 24th is the day we all finally get our hands on F1 2018, and in the coming weeks alongside the launch, Apex Online Racing will continue to #UnleashSeason16 and all the hype that comes with it! Until then, AOR is host to many other leagues on a variety of games and platforms to keep you entertained. Be sure to take a tour around the new website and find a league for you!

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