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Hello everyone, and welcome to the inaugural pre-season newsletter of AOR’s Season 5 of GTE. Here you will be find out everything about the new season of GTE, including rule changes, cars, the calendar, points, the whole 9 yards, so strap up and lets get going!

As we edge closer and closer to the opening race day on Monday 17th December 2018, you’re probably wondering…what is GTE?, well GTE stands for Grand Touring Endurance, many of you may know this form as GTLM (Grand Touring Le Mans), this is the class just below the infamous LMP1’s, LMP2’s and DPi’s. This class is where you’ll find the Ford GTLM, Ferrari 488 GTE and Porsche 911 RSR, unfortunately this is all that iRacing have in their arsenal, but were soon hoping that they add cars like the Corvette C7.R and the meme machine that is the BMW M8 GTE.

As usual with any racing series, there are rules, and the higher ups have pulled their heads together to come up with a better solution to making the 1hr and 20 minute race more about racing, than just strategy. Something other series are are desperately trying to look at… *cough* F1 *cough*

Anyways the new rules are that there will be a fuel cap to all 3 cars, instead of Season 4 where drivers could run the full tank if they so pleased, each car will be limited to 73.5L, or 16 Gallons for those who still use the Imperial system, this will put more of an emphasis on pitting earlier rather than running the tank dry, and putting in qualifying fuel to run to the end. Also for Season 5, drop weeks are now no longer a thing as we now have a 10 race calendar instead of 12, because apparently some jolly old guy with a white beard wants to give everyone presents, and apparently there’s a new year happening…could’ve fooled me.

Points will see no change, as 1st to 18th will take points away, with 1st getting 35pts and 18th getting 2pts, although there are some bonuses, if you finish the race with a 0x (0 incident points) then you walk away with 3 bonus points, 1 bonus point is also given if you finish the race with a 1x (1 incident point) as well as a bonus point for the driver who takes Pole Position and another point for the Fastest Lap of the race. SO MANY BONUS POINTS!

One final change that the drivers will have to get accustomed to is the brand new Day to Night transactions, i  mean uhh…transitions. iRacing implemented this new feature with their latest update, now as the session will go on, we could have races that start in the afternoon and finish in the twilight hours of the evening, which will force drivers to get accustomed to moving shadows along the race track, overhead lights turning on and track temperatures fluctuating, as well as many other variables like humidity, tailwind and headwind, all that science stuff.

We have 48 Drivers, taking 15 Porsche’s, 27 Ferrari’s and 6 Ford’s to do battle around 10 different circuits, kicking things off at the infamous Autodromo Enzo i Dino Ferrari, better known as Imola, then afterwards the drivers have been given and early Christmas present, they will have the choice for weeks 4 and 12 for a change of the calendar, they will be given the option of either running at Monza and the Nurburgring 24hr Combined, or the 2nd option which is Nurburgring GP and Silverstone, with changes also to now accommodate, Interlagos, Daytona, Spa and Le Mans being added to the calendar, the poll for this choice of tracks will cease at 12pm on the 18th December

Those 48 Drivers will be split into 3 groups, Pro, Pro/Am and Am Class, you will be able to tell who is in what category thanks to the colour coding, Pro will be in Purple, Pro/Am will be in Green and Am will be in Blue. unfortunately you wont be able to see who is placed where, as the stewards and big wigs will need the first 2 races to decide who gets placed where, so be on the lookout for this colour coding at Round 3 in Watkins Glen. Thanks to this there will be 4 races happening at the same time on the same piece of tarmac, exciting stuff!

AOR Season 5 of GTE, will commence on the 17th of December at 7:30pm GMT, with the qualifying and race being live streamed on AOR’s Official YouTube Channel, with commentary from King Kodiak and Stevie Chambers!, we hope to see a large turnout for the opening race in Imola, and we hope you can all join us too in rooting on your favourite drivers and teams!.


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